What Do You Know?

My son went off to help in the hot dessert of Iraq
He packed up his bags and never looked back
I was so proud of him at the end of the show
I wish he’d never gone but what do you know?

My other son’s been going to college out west
Wants to be an actor, he’s trying his best
All it takes is a break to spin things out of control
He’s got a good head but what do you know?

My daughter is a Senior in high school next year
She got through it all, I really had no fear
Next year she’s going to Belmont, out on music row
She’s a country music writer, hey what do you know?

I’ve worked now for a distribution company going on three years
The layoffs started earlier, created a lot of fear
Now I’m a short timer with a week left to go
They’re closing down the place, well what do you know?

I started marketing my business a couple years back
Didn’t get much business but I made some good contacts
Now things are turning round, I’m reaping what I sowed
It’s going to support me, now what do you know?