What Can SplashPlan.com Do For You?

Let me give you a little more detail about what SplashPlan.com will do for you currently:

1. Help you gather leads

Promote your SplashPlan.com promotional page and those that sign up become leads for you.  Your main objective is to prove to your sponsored members how useful you are for them… if ultimately they decide to make a move, you will be the first one they think of.

On our home page, I say that you make contacts and network with other network marketers.  The system is designed to appeal to network marketers, but not to scare them off with the idea of being recruited into another program.  Keep this in mind.  Network marketers are people who already believe in network marketing, which makes them ultimately more easy to sell on the idea.

2. Help you make current income

SplashPlan.com was designed to help members earn money on the leads that don’t join their network marketing program (right away) by promoting awesome training that can be purchased, usually at a low cost.  You can change each and every single resource that uses an affiliate link to point to your own affiliate link for the same resource.

Already we are seeing that members love the free and paid training and we are working on improving our offerings all the way around.

3. Provide you with free and low-cost training

Free training is available to all members, with our reminders and our resources.  If you feel you need to make use of the paid training, you are free to do so.  All of the training we offer is awesome and we are working to make it even better.

4. Provide your downline with training

Of course if your downline members are also SplashPlan.com members, they can also make use of our training.

5. Promote your network marketing opportunity

Your network marketing opportunity is displayed in the members area of all members you sponsor, along with your picture and information.  You are automatically promoted to them.

6. Keep your network marketing promotions private

You promote yourself on your public promotion page, but only display your network marketing opportunity to your sponsored members, keeping it private.  For many programs, this is the only way you can promote your business online.

7. Email reminders are sent out

Members receive email reminders about SplashPlan.com so that they return and continue working on their profile and continue promoting their business.

Network Marketing Online Is Very Powerful

Network marketing is a structure that allows you to build a big business for the long term.  Yes, you can grow very large and be able to manage your business, as you will have a smaller first level but a very large group as a whole.

When you move your business online, you have the ability to reach your entire organization, provide training, find new prospects, and so much more!  Online network marketing is a very powerful thing.

Often the problem is that the network marketing company (the big one) wants to restrict your ability to promote your business online… that’s where SplahPlan.com comes in.  You can promote your network marketing business by promoting your splashplan site, not your main network marketing business.  People who join will learn more about you and your business, but the general internet population will not.  Meaning that you remain in compliance of your network marketing company’s rules.

In addition, people who join SplashPlan.com but do not join your network marketing company can provide you with quick income via affiliate links that we have on our site.  No we’re not blatantly pushing things on the site, but site users are exposed in various ways to products they can try for free or purchase.  Ultimately if they spend their money, you get part of the proceeds.  This way you earn some quick income while you’re building your network marketing group.

Give SplashPlan.com a try, it’s FREE!