Stream Of Consciousness Writing

stream of consciousness writing - Dr PepperThis blog post is all stream of consciousness writing.  The house is quiet.  Everyone gets to play except for me because I have to write a blog post.  Luckily I am finishing up with a client today so I am only monitoring them, checking my email every once in a while. You would think that writing a new blog post with all the time in the world would be easy.  But no.

So I am just doing my stream of consciousness writing hoping that a subject will come out.  I know I have been working hard on my experiments this week.  I completed some PDF training that I had been working on.  It is for sale, we will see if sales occur.

New Capture Page

I created a capture page about a month ago, along with a 12 unit email course, to come up with a new strategy.  Ultimately I have no idea where this strategy will go but it looks promising right now.  So I have been writing, just not for the blog.  And I have to tell you, I am a little burned out and ready for a break.  But I have no post for next week, so writing.

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What Is A Sponsoring Website?

One of the profile fields to fill in on is a sponsoring website.  What is a sponsoring website anyway?

There is no standard term “sponsoring website” that everybody uses. But most network marketing companies or network marketing groups have a website that promotes the business opportunity that distributors use to recruit other distributors.  Some promote the company’s products also.  So you may see a website like Amway’s where the products are featured but also has pages that talk about the business opportunity, or you may have a website that is specific to only the business opportunity.

In either case, the idea is to have a place where prospects can go to learn about the business of Airbonne or Tupperware (or your network marketing company), so that they could possibly become a distributor in your group.

Note that you should have a website where it is specific to you and not a general company website.  For instance, if you were to go to, you would see information about avon… but if you joined the business you could join under anybody.  Instead, you want a website where somebody that joins would join under you without having to remember your ID or your name.

Most network marketing companies and groups these days have websites that you can promote.  Some charge for use of their web site but many are free.  Does your company have a distributor specific web site for you?