Why We Need Science

why we need science - grand canyon 2002One of the definitions of science in Dictionary.com is “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation”.  In other words, scientists do not just go with their gut when they draw a conclusion, they have gathered all kinds of data to come up with that conclusion.  Now the conclusion may be faulty, no doubt, but over time more and more people test it often coming up with a completely different conclusion.    So how about some data about why we need science?

Business Depends on Good Information

Often things are not what they appear, and making decisions that affect your company cannot be done by the seat of your pants.  You might say your product is the best, but what do your customers say?  The scientific method is often used to determine the truth, at least in as much as the truth is knowable.  Customer research is gathering data from the real world, and conclusions are made from this data.  We try to eliminate bias, we try not to make evaluation mistakes, we try to come up with solid data and solid conclusions.  Many times this leads to changes: Product packaging, advertisements, marketing methods, and or formulations.

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