Getting Control of Your Thought Life

thought life - loveI just did a search on “thought life” and it turned up a lot of Christian and religious web sites.  I don’t really intend to preach at you, so stick with me.  Yes, your thought life can have spiritual ramifications.  And those consequences could be negative or positive.  It depends on what you think about.

Do I Have A Thought Life?

If you are a human, you have a thought life.  Whether or not you intend it, you think about things.  A lot of younger people think about how their life will be better when: they move out, they get married, they get a better job, they have a baby, or they buy a house.  A lot of things they think relate to how they are unhappy but it will be better when the next event happens.

Older people often think of their past more than their future.  We live in glory days, conquests, regrets, and or grief.  The past often seems more desirable than the future.  Or maybe you still think like a younger person, and look forward to retirement.  I prefer to be happy in the moment, but I still do have thoughts about the future.

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