Get Fresh Leads By Promoting Your SplashPlan site

10362286_1420343261571590_1005938937_nWith, you can get fresh leads… Exactly what do we mean?

Your SplashPlan site: When you sign up as a member on our site, and fill out your profile, you will get a SplashPlan site similar to

Promoting your SplashPlan site: We offer you several ways to promote your SplashPlan site for free.  Mainly you add a link to your SplashPlan site on other web sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so forth.  Participate on these sites to make your link more powerful.

Leads: A lead, in the case of SplashPlan, means that somebody signs up as a SplashPlan member after they visit your site… You want to provide your lead with quality support for using SplashPlan.  A lead changes to a prospect when they ask for information about your network marketing program.

Prospects ask for information about your network marketing program: Once they become a prospect you can send them information online or by mail, then follow up with them by your chosen method until they ask you to stop or they sign up in your program.

Fresh Leads: Mailing lists tend to be a little stale, but you will get SplashPlan leads at the moment they sign up as a SplashPlan member.  Again, you will want to build trust with leads by providing top quality support for using the SplashPlan site.

Internet Marketing Training: Training included with your SplashPlan membership that shows you ways to promote your SplashPlan site online.

That’s about it… let me know if you have any questions…

Network Marketing Online Is Very Powerful

Network marketing is a structure that allows you to build a big business for the long term.  Yes, you can grow very large and be able to manage your business, as you will have a smaller first level but a very large group as a whole.

When you move your business online, you have the ability to reach your entire organization, provide training, find new prospects, and so much more!  Online network marketing is a very powerful thing.

Often the problem is that the network marketing company (the big one) wants to restrict your ability to promote your business online… that’s where comes in.  You can promote your network marketing business by promoting your splashplan site, not your main network marketing business.  People who join will learn more about you and your business, but the general internet population will not.  Meaning that you remain in compliance of your network marketing company’s rules.

In addition, people who join but do not join your network marketing company can provide you with quick income via affiliate links that we have on our site.  No we’re not blatantly pushing things on the site, but site users are exposed in various ways to products they can try for free or purchase.  Ultimately if they spend their money, you get part of the proceeds.  This way you earn some quick income while you’re building your network marketing group.

Give a try, it’s FREE!