Selling To Your Blog Readers

selling to your blog readers - directcellars boxWhile on my blog I mainly promote, our tool for online network marketing, you might be blogging without being connected to a business.  I know my daughter Chelsey blogs quite a bit, but it is more of a personal travel blog.  Still, travel blogs make money.  How?  Mainly through related services and advertising. Here are some ideas on how you could be selling to your blog readers.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Make Sure You Have Traffic

You may be just starting out and wondering how you can make money on your blog.  Well first you need traffic.  You need traffic before you start selling to your blog readers, otherwise you will spend too much time in the spin of seeing if your links are working. They won’t be.  Because only a few people are visiting your blog today, and only a subset will be interested in what you are selling.  If you wait until you have at least 100 new visitors a day before you start trying to sell, you can concentrate on producing great content.

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Network Marketing Online Is Very Powerful

Network marketing is a structure that allows you to build a big business for the long term.  Yes, you can grow very large and be able to manage your business, as you will have a smaller first level but a very large group as a whole.

When you move your business online, you have the ability to reach your entire organization, provide training, find new prospects, and so much more!  Online network marketing is a very powerful thing.

Often the problem is that the network marketing company (the big one) wants to restrict your ability to promote your business online… that’s where comes in.  You can promote your network marketing business by promoting your splashplan site, not your main network marketing business.  People who join will learn more about you and your business, but the general internet population will not.  Meaning that you remain in compliance of your network marketing company’s rules.

In addition, people who join but do not join your network marketing company can provide you with quick income via affiliate links that we have on our site.  No we’re not blatantly pushing things on the site, but site users are exposed in various ways to products they can try for free or purchase.  Ultimately if they spend their money, you get part of the proceeds.  This way you earn some quick income while you’re building your network marketing group.

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