Helping People You Help Yourself

I wanted to share with you some excerpts from emails we sent to our sales force… I thought it might be useful for everyone:

How To Serve Your Customer

I was thinking this week about how to personally sell or personally sponsor and I’ll tell you the way that we do it: We sincerely try to serve our customers’ or prospects’ needs.  Often this is selfless service as we will give products or information away free and we really don’t expect much in return.  We are pleasantly surprised when we do get an order or somebody is really interested.  I am not telling you to give away the store or put yourself in the poor house to help your customers, but giving your time or helping somebody in need can ultimately help you promote your business.  People see you as somebody who really wants to help.  So here’s my exercise for the next week:

For the next week set aside your business.  Each day for the next seven, find one person to help without expecting anything in return.  Don’t promote your business unless you are specifically asked about it, just help one person each day.  Preferably it is going to be somebody you don’t know, but it could be anybody.  Just volunteer to help in some way.  Again, I am not asking you to give a large loan to somebody or give away something of value unless you would like to, just give help, advice, direction, or a little of your time to somebody in need.  See how all of this feels… That’s how it feels when you are truly serving your customers.  You find out what they need and you help them with it.  You go the extra mile when you can.

The only value we are adding as associates is the service we provide and it can truly be your competitive edge if you are willing to serve your customers to the absolute best of your ability.  Many people are not willing to do this, but that’s what this business is all about.

Helping People

I believe Zig Ziglar once said something like: You can have anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.  That is what this business, and really any business, is all about.  We help people.  I am reminded once again this week that there are a lot of desperate people out there that are hurting.  We have the opportunity and the responsibility to help as many people as possible rise above the situation they’re in to a better place.  We can’t and should not do it for them.  But we can show them a better way… We can teach them to fish.  It’s really up to them to put the effort in to catch the fish.

Many people do think that they are owed something, and you do have to watch out for people who want something for nothing.  But there are a lot of people out there willing to work their tail off if they can get just a little help to get going.  We should be there for these people the best we can.  Help people by having them earn their starter kit for our organization.  They can show the catalogs and bring you orders.  It doesn’t take many orders to earn the starter kit… And then you show them how to help other people like themselves for bigger income.

Make sure to also remember the people out there who just love our products or remember their grandma talking about the products, and want to order but can’t find an associate.  They are out there.  They need you to find them.  Make sure to try to get them anything they need… If they need a product you can’t find, give me a call and I’ll help you out.  Sometimes our company discontinues items but there are still places you can find them.  If not, there is usually a good substitute.  Make sure to give heroic customer service to your customers and it can lead to all kinds of good things.  I don’t know what exactly… But we have found this to be true.  As one associate said: Look for the dime behind the nickel.