What Are The Phases Of Network Marketing?

Chelsey Traveling Europe

Chelsey Traveling Europe

Network Marketing recruiters often take advantage of the phases of network marketing to swipe distributors from other companies.  For instance, if you find it impossible to recruit, you might find an advertisement about no recruiting to be appealing.  The truth is, you have to go through the darkest dark to get to the brightest light.  Things are not easy starting out, and you have to work through the difficult times before you will get to automatic monthly income.

Let us go over the phases so you know what to expect:

1. No downline

During this phase you are trying to recruit your first distributor.  You may find it “impossible”, probably because you are approaching the wrong people, or not enough of the right people.  To overcome this phase, create business processes with activities and concentrate on the activities rather than the results.  When you realize an activity can be improved, improve it.  Contact people interested in starting a business for new leads, and try to get more and more new leads.  Again, don’t worry too much about signing people up, that will come in time.

2. Flows like an ocean, in and out

When you start sponsoring regularly, which you will if you concentrate on activities that lead to signups, you will notice several types of distributors.  The kind that join and do nothing.  The kind that spend a lot and then drop off the map.  The kind that buy for themselves once in a while.  Often this leads to people joining and people quitting, often at the same pace.  This is normal… The thing is, somebody will join and grow, and you will collect these kinds of distributors one by one over time.  The growing distributors are the ones, like you, serious about building a real business and they will lead to large bonuses over time.

3. More new distributors that quitting ones

This is sort of a singular momentum phase where you personally are picking up more new distributors than those that are leaving.  This happens once you become recognized as a leader within your company.

4. Group momentum

Once you hit a certain point, your group will start adding as many new distributors as you do per month.  This is the start of the group momentum phase.  Three and four often come quickly one after the other.

5. Plateau

Often after a period of growth, you will hit a plateau stage where bonuses are about the same for several months.  Breaking plateaus can be challenging, but they usually occur after you hit a point where the business is supporting you.  You have several options here: you can try to bring in more distributors personally, you can try to help your group bring in more distributors, or you can wait for the situation to change on its own.

6. Decline

A major change in the marketplace can bring decline, either for a short or long period.  Perhaps people decide they don’t like the popular product in your product line, maybe regulatory changes bring decline, or perhaps people jump ship for something seemingly better.  The important thing is to determine a cause and see what you can do about remedying it.

I have seen decline mainly in fad product companies that have a swift decline in sales, but I have also heard of other situations where you’ll see decline.  This is fairly unusual for long established companies.

When you know the phases of growth within network marketing, you can better prepare yourself against the negative and against those who would steal you away.  Best to give a good company a chance.