Free Network Marketing Leads

free network marketing leads - a double rainbow - gilbert azActually, this strategy can work for any business that wants to do more online, not just for network marketers.  To get free network marketing leads online, just follow this simple approach: 1) Create training as a solution to a problem your market has, 2) Collect at least names and email addresses in return for your free training, 3) Provide your free training, and 4) Continue to follow up with your leads every few days with more valuable content.  More solutions to their problems.  More detail about your training.

Create Training As A Solution To A Problem

The first thing you do to get free network marketing leads is to create training as a solution to a problem your target market is having.  For network marketers, some problems could be: How do I make a sale?, how do I get people interested in my business opportunity?,  what approaches can I take that won’t alienate people?  I am sure you can think of some more.

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What do you mean by free training?

What we have done is collected comprehensive training:

  • PDF’s that we created on selling and sponsoring
  • PDF’s that we have collected on building a network marketing organization
  • Videos on different methods for building a downline
  • External training systems that are free and at a cost
  • Books that we recommend on sales and network marketing

In addition, we provide daily instructions for activities you can do to build your business.  We call them reminders…

We expect to add to our training over time, providing more excellent resources that will help you be successful.