The IRS Can Be Taxing

I would like to share with you a little experience I just had last night.  I received a notice from the IRS that I had filed my 1120 but they had not received payment, and now they wanted payment plus penalties and interest.  Now I had paid my 1120 payment via EFTPS, because you can’t just send a check with your 1120 form this year, you must pay electronically.  So like a good taxpayer of a corporation, I filed my 1120 with the Department of the Treasury and paid via EFTPS.

The notice had an 800 number on it to call if I felt some mistake had been made, so I called it.  After sitting on hold for 20 minutes, I talked with an agent who told me I had not paid.  Um, yes I did… I see it on my bank statement in front of me.  He said he did see my tax withholding payments from my payroll, but not the payment for the 1120.  Ok, I said, I’ll call EFTPS and see what happened to the payment.

I called EFTPS’s 800 number and was on hold for about 5 minutes.  Then I got an operator who told me I had paid and to disregard the notice.  I told her I didn’t think that was too wise since the Department of the Treasury thinks I haven’t paid.  So we both called the Department of the Treasury again and after 10 minutes the EFTPS lady said that she needed to go but gave me all the information I should need to talk with the IRS about my tax payment.

After 25 more minutes of sitting on hold I finally got through to an IRS agent again.  I went through the verifications and the description of my problem to where she promptly said: there it is.  She found my payment after doing some sort of update to the computer system.  She said the other agent probably did not do this.

So this is our tax dollars at work.  1 hour and 25 minutes of my time and countless resources on the other end to discover that I had actually made my payment.  Believe me though, this is much better than my experience with state government.  I had a situation once with my state sales tax…