Have A Cookie

1538382_1555501981350264_1128781899_n-300x300Opportunities abound. I mean, they pass you by every day. Really. Once you tune into them, your problem will be which one to choose… and I am going to give you some help there.

To reach the most people, you need a unique solution to a problem. There are so many problems to solve too. For instance, how do I get from point A to point B at 800 miles per hour without leaving the ground? How do I get into space with much less waste? How can we use much less oil-based energy?

Problems like these are gifts. Like a cookie. If you can create a practical solution, you can become wealthy beyond belief.

Many of you have smaller dreams… like to own a service station on the interstate, or become a distributor for a product line. Regardless of what you do, you can create a unique product and a unique brand that will do better than a “me too” business. Study what’s out there… many people get it and you will see them with their unique takes on given businesses.

Do you use cookies?

Yes!  When somebody visits your splashplan site at xxxxxx.splashplan.com, we put a cookie into their browser so that when they return, you are still their sponsor.  The cookie is good for one year from the time of each visit (as we refresh the cookie with each visit).

If a visitor goes to a different splashplan site (a different member’s site), they continue to have the same sponsor information as when they initially visited, although they will see another member’s site on the home page.  This is only true for the home page.  Once they go to the registration page, they will see their correct sponsor.

We really want to give our members a fighting chance at sponsoring people under them so we are doing all we can to make sure that happens.

Even if we didn’t use cookies, visitors often bookmark the initial page they visit, or return from the same link, and the URL (web address) contains the sponsor’s subdomain name.

Do you have a suggestion for a better way to track visitors and credit sign ups?  Please feel free to write us at info@splashplan.com.