Network Marketing With No Money And No Time

no money and no time - drawingSo you want to join a network marketing opportunity but have no money and no time.  What we call you in professional circles is a customer.  But let us analyze why you think you have no money and no time to work at a network marketing business.  Because usually, you do have some money and or some time, it just depend on what you are willing to sacrifice to get more money and more time.

More Time: Audit How You Use Your Time

Your 8 hours at work are important.  But there are 24 hours in a day.  Yes, sleep is important too, so that’s 16.  That leaves you 8 hours.  Oh, so you commute an hour each way?  Down to 6 hours.  But that is still 6 hours.  If you have 3 days a week of 6 hours, that’s 18 hours a week!  On average, more than 2 hours per day.  Honestly, I only think you need an hour or two per day for a network marketing business, especially if it is online.

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