The Meaning Of Success

the meaning of success - in lexington kentuckySuccess, as defined by, is the achievement of wealth, position, honor, goals, or the like.  This actually sums up several definitions in one.  Many people think of success and being financially wealthy, or at least having the appearance of wealth.  But can a less fortunate person be successful?  Let’s dive further into the meaning of success.

Charitable Success

My daughter Chelsey has worked in charitable endeavors for a while. She worked at an orphanage in Tanzania, she spent time at a Young Lives camp in British Columbia, she’s been employed by Young Lives, and she even gives of herself to the homeless in Nashville.  By all accounts, she has had success being charitable.

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What Are Your Barriers To Success?

I can guarantee you that having no opportunities is not your barrier to success.  Opportunities are plenty.  Often you just need to choose one and focus your energy on making that opportunity successful.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  It’s not!  It’s hard friggin work!  But being successful is possible for each and every single one of us.  Perhaps in different ways, but definitely possible.  So let’s take a look at what is holding you back.  Or in my case, what is holding me back.  I’ll take about my past and present psychological barriers and perhaps you’ll see yourself in what I’m saying.

When I was in my first business, my barriers to bigger success were as follows:

1. Fear of sticking my neck out

I was often afraid to invest more or do more for fear of losing everything.  I was afraid to quit my job until everything was secure.  I was afraid to leverage the talents of other people.

2. Not being ready for financial success

I had some personal issues with money that were amplified with more money.  Money doesn’t cure your problems, it usually makes the problems you have more pronounced.

After we closed our first business, my barriers to success were as follows:

1. Afraid of the outcome of working my guts out

We worked hard during our first business and it’s end was a sign to me that I could go through this kind of failure again.  If I invest myself totally in a business again, I might just fail again.  Although this could be true, not doing it again delayed my next success.

2. Afraid of financial failure

I was also afraid of financial failure, though I have taken steps now to prevent complete personal financial failure with my current business.  We incorporated this time and have insurances that will help.

3. Afraid of losing my life

I might be somewhat afraid of dying, but my bigger fear is missing out on life.  Now I realize that I lose more by not going for success.

My current barriers to success, and perhaps barriers all along, look something like this:

1. Fear of money

I am sometimes afraid of being wealthy and losing touch with what’s really important.  Money is a nice tool, but my family is more important.  However, being too afraid of wealth is problematic also.  It can lead to unconscious sabotage.

2. Fear of unemployment

I am a little afraid of being between consulting assignments now and sometimes wish I had a regular paycheck.  Being an employee of someone else does make it difficult to be successful, but certainly not impossible.  Still, I am better off by far being on my own and the risk of unemployment is no more than it would be as an employee.

3. Fear of making the wrong choice

Sometimes I am concerned about heading off in a direction that is not as profitable as a different direction could be.  Inaction is a far worse killer of success than the wrong choice… so I keep making decisions.  I just try to keep my decisions thoughtful.

4. Fear of indebtedness

I am definitely afraid of having too much debt.  I would like to say it’s a healthy fear, but debt can be good in some situations.  It can help you buy a house for instance.  In my opinion, debt for education is also a good debt.  In business, you can finance your business through loans or equity, and I am a little petrified by both.  Currently I am building with cash only which can be foolish.  But I am still in the learning stage of the business and don’t want to stick my neck out too far right now.

Yes I still have some fears that may be a barrier to my future success.  But I also challenge my fears at times and do things in spite of my fear.  I also do things that scare me to death that I probably shouldn’t do… sometimes I am a little impulsive… but it all seems to work out in the end.  So really there is nothing to be scared of at all.  You do something and make a mistake, it’s a learning experience.  It rarely means crashing into a brick wall at 80, it usually means some sort of setback.  So all we really have to fear is fear itself. (FDR)