How Do I Make Money?

You may think that you make money in multi-level marketing by signing up 3 people (or so) and teaching them to do the same. Then, when your downline becomes so big you earn big money. Well no. You earn money when product is sold by you and or your downline.

We had a past distributor who joined a new company who cannot sponsor but sells like crazy. She makes the most money in the company. Other distributors that we know make money without direct sales by buying product for themselves, then teaching their downline to do the same thing.

In our past life we both sold like crazy and sponsored like crazy, but we still made the majority of our money from sponsoring through our downline product sales because we spent so much of our direct sales profits on promotional material.

You will make money in multi-level marketing when product is sold. Hopefully your product is in demand. How do you know? Are you willing to buy the product with no hope of making money from the business? If not, I would look elsewhere.

However, don’t give up so easily… It may be that your product is worth buying but perhaps you just don’t understand why at this point. Spend time studying and using your product. Figure out why you would want to buy it. Is it better? Is it less expensive to use? What are the features and benefits of using the product? ¬†The answers to these questions can lead to better overall sales by helping you ¬†inform your distributors and customers about how the product will benefit them.

Multi-Level Marketing Is A Scam?

Actually, multi-level marketing is not a scam as long as distributors are earning commissions based on product sales and not on just signing up new distributors. Multi-level marketing is not a pyramid scheme either as a typical downline does not resemble a pyramid anymore than a tree does. Even if it did resemble a pyramid it would not be a pyramid scheme as ponzi schemes (another name for pyramid schemes) tend to take money from people under false pretenses to give to other people. A legitimate multi-level marketing company provides a valued product in return for money, so there is no loss to the purchaser.

Below is a Wikipedia article on multi-level marketing for more information:

Leisure and Sales

Being too serious about sales can be a recipe for disaster. Often we find ourselves working so hard to find that next lead, to build our list of prospects, or to close that next sale that we will often be too focused on our job and not focused enough on the customers’ needs. Taking a break every once in a while can help.

In recruiting, it is especially important to have leisure time, as you are selling your lifestyle to the prospect. If he or she sees you working too hard, he is likely to be turned off by the opportunity.

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