Using To Sponsor New Distributors

Generally, is based on attraction marketing.  The idea that you first offer value to people, then they may join your group.  The more value (free value) you offer them, the more they are likely to join your group.  But this is no guarantee.  In fact, if you push your opportunity too hard on them they are likely to run.  So what do you do?

Our website is about a prospect promoting their opportunity, so we are looking for existing network marketing distributors.  From there, you and we give them as much value as possible, by being there for them, offering them information, giving good features and benefits, all for free.  If they want to join your network marketing opportunity, that is completely up to them.  No arm twisting here, just great value.

So people may join you but most will not, similar as if you went out and did recruiting directly.  Some will join but most will not.  But guess what?  If you do direct recruiting, all those prospects that don’t join are gone.  With, you can make some current income when those distributors that don’t join you buy a service or training program offered through the web site.  Our goal, in fact, is to pay for our advertising with current income from affiliate programs.  If we can do it for ourselves, we can do it for you… get it?

So your job is to just connect with other network marketers, who join, who may or may not join your program… either way it’s cool.  Just be there for them, offer them as much value as possible.  Be a SplashPlan member, not a whatever company distributor.

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What Can Do For You?

Let me give you a little more detail about what will do for you currently:

1. Help you gather leads

Promote your promotional page and those that sign up become leads for you.  Your main objective is to prove to your sponsored members how useful you are for them… if ultimately they decide to make a move, you will be the first one they think of.

On our home page, I say that you make contacts and network with other network marketers.  The system is designed to appeal to network marketers, but not to scare them off with the idea of being recruited into another program.  Keep this in mind.  Network marketers are people who already believe in network marketing, which makes them ultimately more easy to sell on the idea.

2. Help you make current income was designed to help members earn money on the leads that don’t join their network marketing program (right away) by promoting awesome training that can be purchased, usually at a low cost.  You can change each and every single resource that uses an affiliate link to point to your own affiliate link for the same resource.

Already we are seeing that members love the free and paid training and we are working on improving our offerings all the way around.

3. Provide you with free and low-cost training

Free training is available to all members, with our reminders and our resources.  If you feel you need to make use of the paid training, you are free to do so.  All of the training we offer is awesome and we are working to make it even better.

4. Provide your downline with training

Of course if your downline members are also members, they can also make use of our training.

5. Promote your network marketing opportunity

Your network marketing opportunity is displayed in the members area of all members you sponsor, along with your picture and information.  You are automatically promoted to them.

6. Keep your network marketing promotions private

You promote yourself on your public promotion page, but only display your network marketing opportunity to your sponsored members, keeping it private.  For many programs, this is the only way you can promote your business online.

7. Email reminders are sent out

Members receive email reminders about so that they return and continue working on their profile and continue promoting their business.

How does help me recruit for my network marketing program? allows you to sponsor others as SplashPlan members… but ultimately how that puts new distributors into your network marketing program is as follows:

1. Some people will join without a network marketing program.  Their first choice for a program will come from their sponsor, but they could choose another program.

2. Some people will join and have a network marketing program.  This will put you in touch with people who already believe in this kind of business… and if someday they decide to make a change, they will think of you first.

While adding to your program may be a little slow through these methods, you will get great people.  You will also earn affiliate income through our training products in the mean time.  Make sure to override them with your affiliate links.

Your biggest goal with should be to provide your downline with the best service possible so that they will hold you in high regard when they talk to their friends or when they think of making a change.

What do you mean by free training?

What we have done is collected comprehensive training:

  • PDF’s that we created on selling and sponsoring
  • PDF’s that we have collected on building a network marketing organization
  • Videos on different methods for building a downline
  • External training systems that are free and at a cost
  • Books that we recommend on sales and network marketing

In addition, we provide daily instructions for activities you can do to build your business.  We call them reminders…

We expect to add to our training over time, providing more excellent resources that will help you be successful.

How do people join under me?

Once you sign up as an independent member on, you can create a subdomain that will be something like  Promote this link, and people who join the service using this link become your downline.  They will then be encouraged to join your network marketing program.

You will build trust with them by helping them get their site up and running, and work with them as they have questions and challenges.

Celebrity Meltdowns: What You Can Learn From Charlie Sheen

People acting crazy is not news.  But people that are famous and wealthy acting seriously crazy is.  People love watching this train wreck we call Charlie Sheen because it shows us that famous and wealthy people also have flaws and problems.  And lately it has been “What did he say today?  He is really whacked!”  It just doesn’t end.  No wonder his publicist dumped him.  And his ex-wife took away the kids.  The guy has just lost it in so many ways.

Although Charlie Sheen is have severe personal problems and really shouldn’t be speaking in public, here is the Charlie Sheen recipe for drumming up publicity:

1. You must be wealthy, successful, and famous generally.  You could also be your basic nutball that runs afoul of the law.

2. You must act like you’re out of your mind publicly.  Many celebrities go through meltdowns privately and avoid the publicity, but you must be a nutball publicly to get the media attention.

3. You must bite the hand that feeds you, really hard.  Charlie Sheen is on the #1 comedy and makes $1.8 million an episode to be himself.  How can you bite the hand that feeds you any harder?

4. You must do really weird stuff that makes no sense.  Doing things that are bizarre but can be explained doesn’t work.

5. You must do drugs (I will accept alcohol) and have all kinds of bimbos unashamedly.

Will Charlie Sheen’s image be tarnished?  As I have said before, if you sell yourself as something and the world finds out the reality is different, you’re in trouble.  Charlie Sheen has the image similar to his character on Two and a Half Men.  The things he’s doing will not impact this image and he’ll be as famous or more in the future.  If he can get his act together, his career should be fine… just like Robert Downey Jr.

As company CEO, we really want to avoid all of these problems.  We don’t want our stockholders to abandon us because we’re crazy, so if you’re going to be crazy, be crazy in private.  Publicity is nice, but our image does matter a bit more than Charlie Sheen’s does.  We’re not trying to be something we’re not but we also don’t want people to lose confidence in us.  It is generally a good idea to have a check-and-balance person who second guesses you on occasion, just to make sure you’re holding it together.  Stress can sometimes play with your mind so make sure to work with others.

News is only news if it is different.  If you are trying to get publicity with news releases or personal appearances, giving out information that is truly new can give you an edge in getting free publicity.  Although Charlie Sheen is doing things we’ve seen before in Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr, and Brittney Spears, it is his semi-functional insanity which is so different.  He gets along ok in life dispite his twisted views of things.  So different is important.

How have you gotten free publicity for your business?

Seasonality In Business

When you think of seasonality, you might think of hunting or fishing season.  Maybe you think of the seasons of the year such as Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring.  Or maybe you think of seasons of life.  But business also has seasons and there are two kinds.  One kind of season has to do with the business cycle when you have boom times and bust times, or growth and recession.  The best time to start a business is at the end of a recession as the economy is starting to grow again, because weaker businesses tend to vanish during recession and because there has been pent up demand that is starting to be released.

The other kind of seasonality in business has to do with yearly cycles in sales.  For instance, winter coats sell best as winter is starting to set in.  Winter coats don’t sell well in the heat of summer.  Most retail products have selling seasons with the most common being the Christmas selling season.  That is the pinnacle of all seasons with people buying gifts for others, and most products are impacted by gift giving.  There are exceptions to this rule so you must really know your product and perhaps gather data over a couple years to really know for sure when it sells the best.

Why is it important to know when your product sells best?  Advertising for a product outside of a selling season is like trying to run against the wind.  You might move a bit but you are going to have to put in a lot of effort, resources, money, etc. to get it done.  Now if you are selling during the product’s busy season, it’ll be like running with the wind, you will find it much less effort to sell.  So your advertising dollars are best spent during or just before the product’s busy season.

Another reason that knowing the product’s busy season is important is that you will be impacting your customer service if you run out of the product at the right time, so you may need to stock more during the product’s busy season than during the off season.  One of my clients doesn’t have the warehouse space to keep a full stock of all items so they use seasonality to stock the right items at the right time and only use the warehouse space needed.

Do you find it really really difficult to sell your product and you are thinking about giving up?  See if your product has a season and make sure it is the right time of year for your product.  You may also want to check the economic climate and see if that might have an impact on your product sales.  We find that we get flooded with orders for our gourmet baking goods line towards the end of the year but orders trickle in during the rest of the year.  If we gave up when things were slow, we might miss out on the end of year sales.  By contrast, many people try to lose weight or start a business after the first of the year, when they make their new year’s resolutions.  If you are selling a weight loss product or business opportunity, you might want to see how you do early in the year.

Do you notice any interesting seasonalities with your product?


The Patience Of A Fisherman

I am writing this as I am about to head off on vacation to a warmer climate.  By the time this posts, we will be home again.  But it makes me think of vacation things like fishing, although it’ll probably be more golfing and other things in the urban area of Phoenix.

Fishing is an exceptional analogy for sales.  You buy your gear, you find your spot, you bait your hook, cast your line, and wait for a fish to come along.  You get a bite, reel him in, and the fish is too small to keep.  You have to throw him back.  Next bite you get, your fish is the right size but he gets loose from the hook and swims away.  The time between bites could be a few minutes or an hour.  A lot of waiting and not much activity.

When you sell, you get paid when you close a deal.  When you get the signature on the dotted line or the customer purchases your product.  Does this happen a lot?  Not really.  Your main activity is prospecting.  Trying to find people willing to look at your literature or attend your sales presentation.  Sales people do all kinds of things to find prospects but many these days network.  They try to find a foothold somewhere, like a customer they know uses a similar product or service, then gets referrals from there.  They call the referrals and try to get more referrals, as well as more prospects.  And it goes on from there.  Salespeople can spend days or weeks just networking.

You can warm up your leads by advertising your product or service.  You can leverage your money and time by placing an advertisement to educate the public on what you’re offering and have people contact you if they have an interest.  Then you are only dealing with prospects.  Still, it is a distance from having a prospect to having a sale.  And the more expensive your product is, the more prospects you’ll go through before you get that first sale.

Having all of this activity with no sales can get frustrating if you let it.  You are spending all of this money and all of this time trying to sell your product and you just aren’t getting a yes.  You just have to remember that it is all a process, hopefully a well-defined process, and that you’ll get that yes eventually.  If you are frustrated, that will show through to the customer making that yes harder to get, so you really have to have the patience of a fisherman.

Anybody out there find a shortcut to the sales process?

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