10 Things To Do Today Besides Selling

things to do - see a baseball gameAre you a sales professional?  Trying to recruit that next network marketing superstar?  A little too focused on sales or recruiting? This is your list!  I would like to present you with 10 things to do today besides selling, because you need real life sometimes.  You need to be able to talk to your prospect about your children’s activities, the new movie that’s out, or a great new book you’ve read. Because if you cannot relate beyond your new awesome product, you’ve lost.  You will not build a relationship or trust.  Time to learn to be social.

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Selling To Your Blog Readers

selling to your blog readers - directcellars boxWhile on my blog I mainly promote SplashPlan.com, our tool for online network marketing, you might be blogging without being connected to a business.  I know my daughter Chelsey blogs quite a bit, but it is more of a personal travel blog.  Still, travel blogs make money.  How?  Mainly through related services and advertising. Here are some ideas on how you could be selling to your blog readers.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Make Sure You Have Traffic

You may be just starting out and wondering how you can make money on your blog.  Well first you need traffic.  You need traffic before you start selling to your blog readers, otherwise you will spend too much time in the spin of seeing if your links are working. They won’t be.  Because only a few people are visiting your blog today, and only a subset will be interested in what you are selling.  If you wait until you have at least 100 new visitors a day before you start trying to sell, you can concentrate on producing great content.

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How To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money From Home - Desk in empty houseI have been working from home recently, trading my consulting time for money. These days because of technology, you can be employed full time and work from home. You can have a business that you run from home. You can sell products, sell your time, fix things, create new music, write a book, have an online business, and so many more possibilities. In this blog post, I am going to try to stir your imagination on how to make money from home.

Trading Time For Money

Probably one of the easier things you can do from home is sell your time.  You could be employed by a company or running your own business.  You could be hourly, on salary, or on contract.

For some ideas on the kind of work you could do: You could be a customer service representative, you could work for a call center, you could do data entry, you could do information technology work, you could design web sites, you could do financial analysis, or you could help someone market their product.  There are probably 100 more types of jobs that can be done exclusively from home.

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Business Problems: Dealing With Serious Issues

business problems - waiting for the crashI had a rough winter.  One that was only two years after my last rough winter.  And it has not gotten much better since.  Sure, we are getting by, but do not have enough business to get ahead.  We are still much better off than others in our same situation.  I am speaking of my consulting business.  By March/April, I have always been very busy, not this year.  Should I lay down and die, just be depressed, or is there another option?  There must be good ways to deal with business problems.

It is easy to do.  Wallow in self pity.  Be depressed about your situation.  But it is certainly not constructive.  Spending your time worrying about what is going to happen will not do anybody any good.  Instead, problem solve your situation.

So how do you problem solve your situation?

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We Ended Our Retail Operation, Should You?

We used to be a big huge sellers on Amazon.  Big.  We had a basement warehouse and bought by the pallet fulls.  We used FBA on Amazon… sending in shipment after shipment of product.  In fact, at one time we had more product in the Amazon warehouse than in our own stock.

We also sold direct to consumer, which was a bit of business.  We sold locally by delivery and nationally by mail.

It sounds like we should have been rolling in cash but we were not.  Amazon was tricky because we sold a commodity product that others could also be selling.  Lowest price wins, and many sellers would sell for a loss.  So we took a different tactic, we started selling items that were soon to be discontinued or were already discontinued, buying up a large portion so we could outlast the other sellers.  Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost.  We gave away a lot of product that our buyers did not want.

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Why Network Marketing (MLM) Doesn’t Work For You

It is seriously irritating.  You see all of these successful people who do really well, often on a weekly basis, and you just cannot seem to sponsor consistently or build any kind of business.  In this article, I am going to give you some suggestions on what you might do differently in order to attract people into your business.  Perhaps some things you have not even considered.

Get a life

At one point, all I was doing is working hard at my business.  And as they say, all work and no play makes Johnny very dull.  Nobody wants to be around you if all you do is talk work.  All you know is work.  All you are is work.

Often the way to break this habit is to play golf, be in the moment at your children’s activities, travel, do something that adds to your subject matter rather than just work.  If you can talk to people about normal, common things, they will relate to you more.

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Setting Up Twitter To Promote Your SplashPlan Site

Twitter is a great social media platform for promoting a website, with the ability to use your website link as part of your profile and as part of your tweets.  Make sure not to overuse this feature as it does get to be a bit irritating to other users.  You may find yourself unfollowed.

Set up your twitter site by going to twitter.com and clicking Sign Up in the upper right.  Follow along with twitter’s set up wizard to get the basics down.

Once you are online, make sure your profile looks good and send your first tweet.  That’s all there is to it!

Make sure to watch the video below for more detail.

Why Marketing and Sales Are Important in Nework Marketing

Peanut Vendor at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ. Cubs versus Diamond Backs game

Peanut Vendor at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ. Cubs versus Diamond Backs game

I have said before that selling will keep you broke. What I really meant to say was that trying to sell huge amounts of product to customers will keep you broke. Instead, you need help. You need other distributors below you to help you reach more customers, rather than doing it all yourself. That way you do not spend all your time looking for the next customer and instead spend more time building your business. A distributor under you selling product means more to you because you do not have to handle product, talk to the customer, ship or deliver, etc. You just help the distributor figure out ways to reach a couple more customers and grow their group.

So why are marketing and sales important then? Building your business with independent distributors is all about marketing and sales. Start with sales. What are you selling to the prospect? You are selling a lifestyle. You are selling freedom from worry because of a residual income. Whose lifestyle are you selling? Your own. And if you look worried, if you are constantly having problems, if you are pushing for that next customer, it is a lifestyle nobody wants. Instead, you have to be the person your prospect wants to be, or at least that seems to have it all. No, it is not about lying to the prospect. It is about being professional, calm, not pushy, consultative, and perhaps most of all, happy. All of these elements can be seen personally and heard over the phone. You also have to act as if you are okay if the prospect joins or does not join.  It is not the end of the world if they do not join. If you seem needy it is not attractive.

Alright, so what about marketing? First of all, marketing and sales are not the same thing. Think about marketing as the software that runs the company based on the needs of the customer. Who is the customer? It could be a retail customer or could be one of your distributors. So sales is like hardware, a technical skill, and marketing is like software, a management-type skill. With marketing, you start by finding a target market for your product, which will likely be a demographic or a subset of the general population. Not everyone will or should be interested in your opportunity. Who is? That is the group we should be directing our advertising and networking towards… our target demographic. We can also change our business practices based on the needs of our target market. Perhaps they expect a money-back guarantee. Perhaps they expect exceptional customer service. Maybe they expect tons of support. Whatever it is, you should consider incorporating these elements into your company.

You can see that marketing directs all parts of the business to support a target market or demographic. Marketing also influences sales. For instance, we may know what a prospect needs to hear based on what demographic they belong to. So we make sure our sales presentation says this. Again, this is not about lying. If we are lying to the prospect we will ultimately lose them as a partner, so we want to build a relationship of trust. So whatever we are saying must be the truth.

I really like selling to customers. But more and more retail selling without help will keep you broke. Better to market and sell to distributor prospects.

What do you think?

It Is A Business, Something Must Be Sold

Wicker Park Sushi

Wicker Park Sushi at O’hare airport

How can you ever say that you have a business opportunity with no selling involved?  Try this example: You subscribe to Directv.  You introduce Directv to a friend and he gets $100 for joining and you get $100.  Introduce 10 friends a month to Directv and you will make $1000 per month.  Did you sell anything?

Technically you did.  You sold Directv service to your friends, letting them know that they get $100 for subscribing.  Maybe you also told them you get $100, maybe not.  But it did not feel like selling did it?  You are giving them a great deal, they can take it or leave it, no problem either way.

What you are not doing is cold calling people, continually pushing stuff they do not want, or knocking on doors.  All those bad images you get when you think about selling.  You are also not bugging your friends over and over to join a company that they do not want to join.  You are asking once, and letting them know the benefit if they do.

Sponsoring people can be done in a nice, laid back format similar to asking your friend if he or she would like to subscribe to Directv for $100.  You offer a program to get a discount on high-quality products, or perhaps you are a little more focused and say they get 25% off high quality kitchen items like vanilla, black pepper, and cinnamon for joining.  And it only costs $39.95.  Let them know they will love the products and it is possible that their parents or grandparents also used the products.  Many people, in fact, drive miles to buy them.

So what is being sold so far?  You are making an offer for your friend to join a program or club to receive a discount on great products.  I guess you are selling the membership by being honest and telling them the features and benefits of joining.  It is fine if they say no, just ask for other people who might be interested.  You could ask if they know other people who like to cook, for instance.  Then repeat the process.

At this point nothing has been sold, at least nothing that will make you money.  The products still must be purchased.  Now you want to promote the idea of buying the products with the people you have signed up, but no heavy pressure.  Some will buy, some will not.  It is okay either way.

I do not know if I make this sound easy or not, but while it is work, it is very straight forward.  Can you get rich selling household products?  Let me ask you a question: Can you get rich selling computers?  Can you get rich selling ice cream?  Can you get rich selling beer?  The answer to all: If you sell enough.  And generally, you do not do it alone.  You need a team, people to help.  And for some of the people who just signed up as discount customers, it  might just be them.

I would call it a sales business, yes.  But no selling ice to Eskimos or distasteful selling.  Just promoting your business, your products, and your opportunity.  And of course the discount.

What Is A Sponsoring Website?

One of the profile fields to fill in on SplashPlan.com is a sponsoring website.  What is a sponsoring website anyway?

There is no standard term “sponsoring website” that everybody uses. But most network marketing companies or network marketing groups have a website that promotes the business opportunity that distributors use to recruit other distributors.  Some promote the company’s products also.  So you may see a website like Amway’s where the products are featured but also has pages that talk about the business opportunity, or you may have a website that is specific to only the business opportunity.

In either case, the idea is to have a place where prospects can go to learn about the business of Airbonne or Tupperware (or your network marketing company), so that they could possibly become a distributor in your group.

Note that you should have a website where it is specific to you and not a general company website.  For instance, if you were to go to avon.com, you would see information about avon… but if you joined the business you could join under anybody.  Instead, you want a website where somebody that joins would join under you without having to remember your ID or your name.

Most network marketing companies and groups these days have websites that you can promote.  Some charge for use of their web site but many are free.  Does your company have a distributor specific web site for you?

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