Why We Need Science

why we need science - grand canyon 2002One of the definitions of science in Dictionary.com is “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation”.  In other words, scientists do not just go with their gut when they draw a conclusion, they have gathered all kinds of data to come up with that conclusion.  Now the conclusion may be faulty, no doubt, but over time more and more people test it often coming up with a completely different conclusion.    So how about some data about why we need science?

Business Depends on Good Information

Often things are not what they appear, and making decisions that affect your company cannot be done by the seat of your pants.  You might say your product is the best, but what do your customers say?  The scientific method is often used to determine the truth, at least in as much as the truth is knowable.  Customer research is gathering data from the real world, and conclusions are made from this data.  We try to eliminate bias, we try not to make evaluation mistakes, we try to come up with solid data and solid conclusions.  Many times this leads to changes: Product packaging, advertisements, marketing methods, and or formulations.

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Getting Control of Your Thought Life

thought life - loveI just did a search on “thought life” and it turned up a lot of Christian and religious web sites.  I don’t really intend to preach at you, so stick with me.  Yes, your thought life can have spiritual ramifications.  And those consequences could be negative or positive.  It depends on what you think about.

Do I Have A Thought Life?

If you are a human, you have a thought life.  Whether or not you intend it, you think about things.  A lot of younger people think about how their life will be better when: they move out, they get married, they get a better job, they have a baby, or they buy a house.  A lot of things they think relate to how they are unhappy but it will be better when the next event happens.

Older people often think of their past more than their future.  We live in glory days, conquests, regrets, and or grief.  The past often seems more desirable than the future.  Or maybe you still think like a younger person, and look forward to retirement.  I prefer to be happy in the moment, but I still do have thoughts about the future.

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The Life and Times of Evergreen Content

evergreen content - Tuscon AZEvergreen content: What is it?  Why is it important?  You may think there are several kinds of content: videos, audio, images, or writing. Or perhaps you think of business stories, entertainment, lifestyle, or science.  In this case, I am talking about the difference between current events and evergreen.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is relevant into the future, but what does this mean?  Think about a book written in the 1920s.  It is likely evergreen otherwise it would have lost its relevance and you wouldn’t know about it.  Evergreen content is usually in the form of “how to” but could be an article describing something, such as describing evergreen content.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

You could write an article (or create a video) about an event, such as Hurricane Harvey, but the event becomes a think of the past fairly quickly.  Then fewer people are interested in reading your article because it has lost its relevance.  Of course getting that initial bump of traffic because people are interested in Hurricane Harvey is nice, but most of the time we are more interested in long-term traffic.

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What To Do When Your World Goes Dark

world goes dark - total solar eclipse with cell phoneMy wife Chris and I just returned from Nashville where our daughter Chelsey lives.  This weekend was picked specifically because we wanted to see the solar eclipse on August 21st.  Well, not just the solar eclipse, but the totality of the solar eclipse.  A partial solar eclipse is really not that interesting, you just see a cutout of the sun through your solar eclipse glasses.  But in a total eclipse, you get to take your glasses off and see a black spot where the sun used to be with the sun’s corona surrounding it.  It is really an emotional sight.  This event led me to come up with the idea for this article: What To Do When Your World Goes Dark.

Your World Goes Dark: It Will Happen

Not every day is a perfect day in this world.  Your sun will get blotted out unexpectedly.  You will have loss.  You will be between jobs or businesses.  Things that were really good will go really bad.  But understand with all of this when the sun goes away, it will return.  Solar eclipses do not last forever and neither do rough times.

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The Meaning Of Success

the meaning of success - in lexington kentuckySuccess, as defined by Dictionary.com, is the achievement of wealth, position, honor, goals, or the like.  This actually sums up several definitions in one.  Many people think of success and being financially wealthy, or at least having the appearance of wealth.  But can a less fortunate person be successful?  Let’s dive further into the meaning of success.

Charitable Success

My daughter Chelsey has worked in charitable endeavors for a while. She worked at an orphanage in Tanzania, she spent time at a Young Lives camp in British Columbia, she’s been employed by Young Lives, and she even gives of herself to the homeless in Nashville.  By all accounts, she has had success being charitable.

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Stream Of Consciousness Writing

stream of consciousness writing - Dr PepperThis blog post is all stream of consciousness writing.  The house is quiet.  Everyone gets to play except for me because I have to write a blog post.  Luckily I am finishing up with a client today so I am only monitoring them, checking my email every once in a while. You would think that writing a new blog post with all the time in the world would be easy.  But no.

So I am just doing my stream of consciousness writing hoping that a subject will come out.  I know I have been working hard on my experiments this week.  I completed some PDF training that I had been working on.  It is for sale, we will see if sales occur.

New Capture Page

I created a capture page about a month ago, along with a 12 unit email course, to come up with a new strategy.  Ultimately I have no idea where this strategy will go but it looks promising right now.  So I have been writing, just not for the blog.  And I have to tell you, I am a little burned out and ready for a break.  But I have no post for next week, so writing.

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How To Write A Blog Post

how to write a blog post - wine and captionsThis is how to write a blog post, according to me: First I start with stream of consciousness writing and see where that leads me, I ultimately make sure I have enough words, I edit my blog post several times, I come up with 2 or 3 links to other blog posts that have their own information, and then I try to find a picture that relates, usually a picture I have taken or one of my family after I get their permission.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

How do I describe what stream of consciousness writing is?  Well, I just write stuff.  Good or bad, right or wrong, I just put down my thoughts as I think them.  Often the best writing is done as you think of stuff, and if not you will edit later.  Write and write and write, if you think about flying a kite, write about flying a kite.  If the weather is good and you wish you were outside, write about it.  Get those flying thoughts down.

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How To Avoid The Spin

avoid the spin - que sera, seraSometimes online marketing is like gambling.  No matter what you do you cannot get ahead.  Get some activity and you are looking for more.  Not getting enough activity makes you fearful.  This is similar to winning and losing at gambling.  Win and you want to go back and gamble your winnings.  Lose and you think you are due a win. Either way you go back and try again.  This is a spin.  Doing the same thing over and over, when it really makes no sense.  How do we avoid the spin?

Good question… but there is hope.  Consider what you do that is productive and what you do that is not productive.  Going into Google Analytics 6 times a day is not productive.  Posting your link on a new website is.  Looking for a new lead every 10 minutes is not productive.  Writing a new blog post is.  Do you see the difference?

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You Already Have Abundance

abundance - of snow - elgin, il

Do you want to abandon snow?

You have a goal for the way things should be in your life.  Perhaps financial.  Unless you believe you already have financial abundance, you will never have it.  Because the truth of the matter is, you are already being taken care of very well.  How do I know? Somehow you have internet access so that you can read this.

Our problem often is, we want things we think are beyond our reach. Things that money can buy, more money than we have available today.  So how do we get the money or things we want? The first step in the process is being grateful for what we already have.

Be Grateful For Your Current Abundance

Take a look around you.  Are you able to eat, shelter, and clothe yourself?  Be grateful for all that you have!  Detail the things you have that you are grateful for and put them onto paper.  Thank God for all you have.  Feel the joy of knowing you have plenty of abundance right now.  Of course you want more, we all do, but how are you ever going to be satisfied with things if you cannot be happy with what you have now?

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Forgiveness And Healing

forgiveness and healingI am not a doctor.  Nor am I a priest or a minister.  But I do know that people sometimes have a hard time forgiving themselves.  That is really the first person you must forgive.  If you cannot forgive yourself, take your case to God and ask for His forgiveness.  Ultimately you must get beyond the pain you are inflicting on yourself by forgiving yourself.  Without personal forgiveness and healing it is hard to achieve success.

Forgive Others Privately

The next person or persons you must forgive is anybody who has done harm to you.  This does not mean that you tell the person you forgive them unless they are asking for it, you just need to forgive them privately, to yourself, and let it go if possible.  Similarly to not forgiving yourself, not forgiving others does you more harm than you imagine.  Go through the process of forgiving others.  If God can forgive, why can’t you?

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