Why We Need Science

why we need science - grand canyon 2002One of the definitions of science in Dictionary.com is “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation”.  In other words, scientists do not just go with their gut when they draw a conclusion, they have gathered all kinds of data to come up with that conclusion.  Now the conclusion may be faulty, no doubt, but over time more and more people test it often coming up with a completely different conclusion.    So how about some data about why we need science?

Business Depends on Good Information

Often things are not what they appear, and making decisions that affect your company cannot be done by the seat of your pants.  You might say your product is the best, but what do your customers say?  The scientific method is often used to determine the truth, at least in as much as the truth is knowable.  Customer research is gathering data from the real world, and conclusions are made from this data.  We try to eliminate bias, we try not to make evaluation mistakes, we try to come up with solid data and solid conclusions.  Many times this leads to changes: Product packaging, advertisements, marketing methods, and or formulations.

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10 Things To Do Today Besides Selling

things to do - see a baseball gameAre you a sales professional?  Trying to recruit that next network marketing superstar?  A little too focused on sales or recruiting? This is your list!  I would like to present you with 10 things to do today besides selling, because you need real life sometimes.  You need to be able to talk to your prospect about your children’s activities, the new movie that’s out, or a great new book you’ve read. Because if you cannot relate beyond your new awesome product, you’ve lost.  You will not build a relationship or trust.  Time to learn to be social.

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Getting Control of Your Thought Life

thought life - loveI just did a search on “thought life” and it turned up a lot of Christian and religious web sites.  I don’t really intend to preach at you, so stick with me.  Yes, your thought life can have spiritual ramifications.  And those consequences could be negative or positive.  It depends on what you think about.

Do I Have A Thought Life?

If you are a human, you have a thought life.  Whether or not you intend it, you think about things.  A lot of younger people think about how their life will be better when: they move out, they get married, they get a better job, they have a baby, or they buy a house.  A lot of things they think relate to how they are unhappy but it will be better when the next event happens.

Older people often think of their past more than their future.  We live in glory days, conquests, regrets, and or grief.  The past often seems more desirable than the future.  Or maybe you still think like a younger person, and look forward to retirement.  I prefer to be happy in the moment, but I still do have thoughts about the future.

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Selling To Your Blog Readers

selling to your blog readers - directcellars boxWhile on my blog I mainly promote SplashPlan.com, our tool for online network marketing, you might be blogging without being connected to a business.  I know my daughter Chelsey blogs quite a bit, but it is more of a personal travel blog.  Still, travel blogs make money.  How?  Mainly through related services and advertising. Here are some ideas on how you could be selling to your blog readers.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Make Sure You Have Traffic

You may be just starting out and wondering how you can make money on your blog.  Well first you need traffic.  You need traffic before you start selling to your blog readers, otherwise you will spend too much time in the spin of seeing if your links are working. They won’t be.  Because only a few people are visiting your blog today, and only a subset will be interested in what you are selling.  If you wait until you have at least 100 new visitors a day before you start trying to sell, you can concentrate on producing great content.

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The Life and Times of Evergreen Content

evergreen content - Tuscon AZEvergreen content: What is it?  Why is it important?  You may think there are several kinds of content: videos, audio, images, or writing. Or perhaps you think of business stories, entertainment, lifestyle, or science.  In this case, I am talking about the difference between current events and evergreen.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is relevant into the future, but what does this mean?  Think about a book written in the 1920s.  It is likely evergreen otherwise it would have lost its relevance and you wouldn’t know about it.  Evergreen content is usually in the form of “how to” but could be an article describing something, such as describing evergreen content.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important?

You could write an article (or create a video) about an event, such as Hurricane Harvey, but the event becomes a think of the past fairly quickly.  Then fewer people are interested in reading your article because it has lost its relevance.  Of course getting that initial bump of traffic because people are interested in Hurricane Harvey is nice, but most of the time we are more interested in long-term traffic.

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What To Do When Your World Goes Dark

world goes dark - total solar eclipse with cell phoneMy wife Chris and I just returned from Nashville where our daughter Chelsey lives.  This weekend was picked specifically because we wanted to see the solar eclipse on August 21st.  Well, not just the solar eclipse, but the totality of the solar eclipse.  A partial solar eclipse is really not that interesting, you just see a cutout of the sun through your solar eclipse glasses.  But in a total eclipse, you get to take your glasses off and see a black spot where the sun used to be with the sun’s corona surrounding it.  It is really an emotional sight.  This event led me to come up with the idea for this article: What To Do When Your World Goes Dark.

Your World Goes Dark: It Will Happen

Not every day is a perfect day in this world.  Your sun will get blotted out unexpectedly.  You will have loss.  You will be between jobs or businesses.  Things that were really good will go really bad.  But understand with all of this when the sun goes away, it will return.  Solar eclipses do not last forever and neither do rough times.

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Network Marketing With No Money And No Time

no money and no time - drawingSo you want to join a network marketing opportunity but have no money and no time.  What we call you in professional circles is a customer.  But let us analyze why you think you have no money and no time to work at a network marketing business.  Because usually, you do have some money and or some time, it just depend on what you are willing to sacrifice to get more money and more time.

More Time: Audit How You Use Your Time

Your 8 hours at work are important.  But there are 24 hours in a day.  Yes, sleep is important too, so that’s 16.  That leaves you 8 hours.  Oh, so you commute an hour each way?  Down to 6 hours.  But that is still 6 hours.  If you have 3 days a week of 6 hours, that’s 18 hours a week!  On average, more than 2 hours per day.  Honestly, I only think you need an hour or two per day for a network marketing business, especially if it is online.

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How To Do Facebook Live

how to do facebook live - facebook picI just tried Facebook Live over the last couple of days and it is so easy to use.  Why would you want to use it?  Because when you do, you are producing a video of yourself, but you also get feedback from people who watch.  You can customize your message and respond to questions.  I will bet you are wondering how to do Facebook Live…

Instructions On How To Do Facebook Live

When I am on my laptop, I start Facebook.  At the top of the screen is my status update box, the one that says “Create a Post” right above it.  Next to the Create a Post text is “Live Video”.  Click that.  Don’t worry, you won’t be live right away.

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Free Network Marketing Leads

free network marketing leads - a double rainbow - gilbert azActually, this strategy can work for any business that wants to do more online, not just for network marketers.  To get free network marketing leads online, just follow this simple approach: 1) Create training as a solution to a problem your market has, 2) Collect at least names and email addresses in return for your free training, 3) Provide your free training, and 4) Continue to follow up with your leads every few days with more valuable content.  More solutions to their problems.  More detail about your training.

Create Training As A Solution To A Problem

The first thing you do to get free network marketing leads is to create training as a solution to a problem your target market is having.  For network marketers, some problems could be: How do I make a sale?, how do I get people interested in my business opportunity?,  what approaches can I take that won’t alienate people?  I am sure you can think of some more.

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What The Heck Is SEO?

what the heck is seo?Have you ever wondered: what the heck is SEO? Did you think it was just not relevant for you? Well I have news for you: Google wants to give you free traffic. Yes, free. Totally and unconditionally free. But Google wants to know a couple of things first: 1) Is your page relevant for the keyword being searched for? 2) Is your page perceived as important?

First: What The Heck Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is a way to tell the search engine what your page or site is about and how important your site is.  Google goes out and reads all the web pages in the world (to a point) and scrapes information from your web site’s code (i.e. HTML).  It will store your title and description, then read your page to determine what keywords it contains, or what it is about.  It comes back every so often and updates your page, so if you’re worried that you can’t improve your page for Google, think again.

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