About Brian & Chris

about brian * chrisBrian & Chris Satterlee have been involved in Network Marketing in some form since 1991. In the 1990’s through 2002, Brian & Chris ran the successful multi-level marketing distributorship Satterlee Marketing. They created an ecommerce site to sell a dietary supplement and recruit new sales people.

Satterlee Marketing was ranked in the top 5% within the MLM company and participated in the distributor board. Satterlee Marketing was well known as a top-quality customer service organization and was the only distributor within the company to offer a six month money-back guarantee on the product. In all their time doing business, they only had one credit card chargeback and no more than 50 bottles of product returned. Despite doing over $10,000 a week in sales at one time, Brian & Chris never hired employees but depended on technology for more productivity.

Between 2002 and 2009, Brian returned to college and received his MBA in 2009.  He has been working independently as a business consultant for technology projects since 2010.

Also since 2010, Brian & Chris sold products on Amazon.com and worked to build their original network marketing company.  They discontinued retail selling in 2016.

In 2017, Chris joined a new network marketing company that is rising very fast in the United States and is expanding internationally.  Brian & Chris have decided to make this their network marketing focus along with SplashPlan.com.

Brian & Chris are originally from the Chicago area but moved to the Phoenix area in 2016.

Feel free to write to Brian at brian@splashplan.com.