10 Things To Do Today Besides Selling

things to do - see a baseball gameAre you a sales professional?  Trying to recruit that next network marketing superstar?  A little too focused on sales or recruiting? This is your list!  I would like to present you with 10 things to do today besides selling, because you need real life sometimes.  You need to be able to talk to your prospect about your children’s activities, the new movie that’s out, or a great new book you’ve read. Because if you cannot relate beyond your new awesome product, you’ve lost.  You will not build a relationship or trust.  Time to learn to be social.

1. Watch a Professional Baseball Game on Television

Or better yet, go to the baseball game with family members or friends.  Major League Baseball in the U.S. tends to be a shared experience, especially if you have an MLB team in your local area.  If you are lacking in knowledge about baseball, make sure to read the news or search for more information.  Learn the players, the team stats, the likelihood of reaching the playoffs, and or the manager’s name.  Who owns your local professional team?  When is the next home game, against whom?

2. Play a Round of Golf

If you are really interesting in mixing business with leisure, make sure to invite a client or prospect out for a round of golf.  Make sure to spend the majority of your time in the moment: recognize the weather, make shot recommendations, congratulate when a nice putt is made, and or talk about non-business subjects.  If you really need to talk business, make it chat rather than a sales pitch.  There will be time later for selling.

3. Things To Do: I Like To Hike

It is a little warm in Arizona right now, but when the weather is cooler I like to hike.  We have a mountain range close with trails, so my wife and I will hike the trails to the peak of the mountains.  Granted the peaks are only around 2300 feet, but it is still strenuous enough to consider a workout.  We also usually go 2 – 3 hours when we go out.

If you go out to hike, make sure to take plenty of water.  Don’t go out if the temperature is above 100, even in dry climates, unless you carry a gallon of water or more.

4. Do a Flat Walk

Hiking is one of these things to do, but if you can’t make it much beyond the house, you might want to consider a strenuous flat walk.  I will walk outside on our wash trails and stay close to home.  If it is too hot, I might just putter walk around the house.  You could walk by yourself, or include your spouse or friends.  You could walk for 5 minutes or 3 hours, it is really up to you.  Just make sure to get yourself out of selling mode for a bit.

5. Spend Dedicated Time With Your Children

If you are not spending enough time with your family, maybe it is time to purposefully spend time with them.  Be in the moment with the ones you love.  When I think of things to do besides selling, this is very near the top of my list. Yes, you can go to their activities but you are probably already doing this already.  Perhaps you can just play a game with them or do something they like to do.

6. Things To Do: Have a Glass of Wine

I am to the point in my life where a glass of wine will just about do it.  Overdoing it on sweet wine is probably not a good idea.  But one glass relaxes me.  One glass lets me override my judgement on a flight.  It is good to have a glass of wine with dinner, or just a glass and a chat with my wife or with friends.

Things to do: Join a wine club and try different premium wines.  Why not really get into it?

7. Explore By Doing a Drive

One of our things to do, that we haven’t done yet, is to explore more of our new state.  You see, last year we moved from Illinois to Arizona and we have been so busy that we have neglected to explore.  If you can, get in the car and drive.  You don’t have to “travel” by staying overnight somewhere, perhaps there is someplace close that you haven’t experienced yet.

My wife Chris is continually coming up with things to do that I am a little uncomfortable with, as I am trying to get my hours in.  But I know that I need the breaks and the experience so that I can relate with other people.

8. Do Something Totally Unexpected

What have you really wanted to do that is just too crazy to do?  Have you wanted to sky dive?  I have personally decided this is something I don’t need to do.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t.  Would you like to climb a big mountain?  Why not.  Do at least one thing that everyone has discouraged you from.

9. Things To Do: Make Your Bucket List

What things do you want to experience in your life?  What do you want to do before you get much older?  Make a list!  While doing your bucket list may be something else altogether, making your list focuses on those things to do that are really important to you.  Prioritize your list and see if maybe there is at least one of those things to do on your list that you can actually accomplish.

10. Call Your Mom (Last of the Things To Do)

This is your mom.  Call me.  Just kidding, but you know you hear that voice in your mind.  As one of your things to do that you have been neglecting, make sure to call your mom this week.  Hopefully you still have your mom, some do not.  And that’s why you need to call her.

Did you forget about selling at least for a bit?  Let us know in the comments.

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