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selling to your blog readers - directcellars boxWhile on my blog I mainly promote, our tool for online network marketing, you might be blogging without being connected to a business.  I know my daughter Chelsey blogs quite a bit, but it is more of a personal travel blog.  Still, travel blogs make money.  How?  Mainly through related services and advertising. Here are some ideas on how you could be selling to your blog readers.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Make Sure You Have Traffic

You may be just starting out and wondering how you can make money on your blog.  Well first you need traffic.  You need traffic before you start selling to your blog readers, otherwise you will spend too much time in the spin of seeing if your links are working. They won’t be.  Because only a few people are visiting your blog today, and only a subset will be interested in what you are selling.  If you wait until you have at least 100 new visitors a day before you start trying to sell, you can concentrate on producing great content.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Use Links Within Your Blog Posts

You might be tempted to put advertising or product widgets on your blog that show up on each page, but most people are reading your blog posts.  If something interests them in your writing and you include a link, they might just click on it.  In addition, your blog posts go out to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and email, so if you include a link in your post, a reader on those platforms may also click it, even if they never see your blog.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Make It Relevant

When you include an advertising link, make it relevant to what you are talking about in your post.  Don’t just force in an ad for Amazon’s website, unless your ad is about Amazon specifically.  Worry about the content first, then see if it makes sense to link out to an affiliate link within the post.

Selling To Your Blog Readers: Where To Find Affiliate Programs

If you want to sell books or other products, you may want to start out with Amazon’s affiliate program.  Look towards the bottom of for Affiliates.  If you want to promote online services, often the individual websites will have instructions for becoming an affiliate.

You may also place advertisements on your blog with Google Adsense.  I think selling products or services is a better idea, but placing an ad in your widgets is easy enough. Just don’t go overboard.

How Are You Selling To Your Blog Readers?

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