What To Do When Your World Goes Dark

world goes dark - total solar eclipse with cell phoneMy wife Chris and I just returned from Nashville where our daughter Chelsey lives.  This weekend was picked specifically because we wanted to see the solar eclipse on August 21st.  Well, not just the solar eclipse, but the totality of the solar eclipse.  A partial solar eclipse is really not that interesting, you just see a cutout of the sun through your solar eclipse glasses.  But in a total eclipse, you get to take your glasses off and see a black spot where the sun used to be with the sun’s corona surrounding it.  It is really an emotional sight.  This event led me to come up with the idea for this article: What To Do When Your World Goes Dark.

Your World Goes Dark: It Will Happen

Not every day is a perfect day in this world.  Your sun will get blotted out unexpectedly.  You will have loss.  You will be between jobs or businesses.  Things that were really good will go really bad.  But understand with all of this when the sun goes away, it will return.  Solar eclipses do not last forever and neither do rough times.

Your Attitude Is Everything

It is hard not to feel sad or depressed when you lose a close friend or you lose a job you have had for 20 years.  However, there is a difference between being blue and acting like these things always happen to you.  We do not want a bad stretch to turn into a self fulfilling prophesy.  Make sure to recognize the good things in your life and count your blessings daily.  Recognize a friend who is helping you through.  Pray for healing.

Don’t Just Sit There

I have had two winters in three years where business was slow.  So slow that we ate through our savings and accumulated debt.  The one thing I didn’t do is take it lying down.  I worked weekly if not daily to find a new client.  I came up with new ideas.  I spent what time I could building up other business avenues.  I couldn’t just sit there, I had to do something, even if it was not perfectly fruitful.  In doing all this, I was off for fewer months than some friends who do what I do.

What Do You Do When Your World Goes Dark?

Make sure to leave us a comment on what you do when your world goes dark.  We would love to hear from you!

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