Network Marketing With No Money And No Time

no money and no time - drawingSo you want to join a network marketing opportunity but have no money and no time.  What we call you in professional circles is a customer.  But let us analyze why you think you have no money and no time to work at a network marketing business.  Because usually, you do have some money and or some time, it just depend on what you are willing to sacrifice to get more money and more time.

More Time: Audit How You Use Your Time

Your 8 hours at work are important.  But there are 24 hours in a day.  Yes, sleep is important too, so that’s 16.  That leaves you 8 hours.  Oh, so you commute an hour each way?  Down to 6 hours.  But that is still 6 hours.  If you have 3 days a week of 6 hours, that’s 18 hours a week!  On average, more than 2 hours per day.  Honestly, I only think you need an hour or two per day for a network marketing business, especially if it is online.

How Much Blah Time Per Day?

I can easily pick on the television.  Yes, I know you can’t miss your Big Brother.  Rather than miss your favorite show or favorite 10 shows, why don’t we just DVR them and watch them all together without commercials?  Or maybe we should narrow the TV time down to one or two shows?

Anything that takes a lot of time put in the same category.  Including the internet, computer games, etc.

What Is Important?

Not everything gets tossed out the window though.  I mean, we are only trying to free up about an hour a day.  The workout is important.  Your son’s baseball game is important.  In fact, those things that have a social aspect are not only important, they are imperative.  Why?  People need something besides business to talk about.  And no, not everyone is into Big Brother…

Your health is also very important so don’t skip the workout (yes I did previously say that, just making sure you/I heard it).

What Can You Do With Your Time?

The things you can add have to do with setting up your email autoresponder, capture page, and training, then promoting your capture page.  You really, really do not need to spend more than an hour a day promoting your capture page.

No Money And No Time: Free Up A Little Money

I know you said you have no time and no money, but we have shown that only an hour a day is necessary to run a network marketing distributorship.  How about money?  It does cost to sign up and have products shipped to you.  If you are doing it right though, you are not spending any more than you normally would for the products.  The sign up fee can be expensive, yes, but not like a franchise or anything.  Perhaps as little as $25.

One other expense you may want to budget for are your autoresponder.  A popular one charges $19 a month.  Most everything else can be done for free.

So all in all, we are talking around a $20 bill per month for ongoing business expenses.  Can you sacrifice 4 lattes?

I understand you may have to dig deep to get signed up, but it is a one time cost.

What Business Opportunity?

What business opportunity should you join, assuming you have a little money and a little time?  There are plenty of good network marketing opportunities.  I’m sure you can find one that works for you.

Still Have No Time And No Money?

(Shaking head)  Make sure to comment below if you still feel you have no money and no time.

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