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free network marketing leads - a double rainbow - gilbert azActually, this strategy can work for any business that wants to do more online, not just for network marketers.  To get free network marketing leads online, just follow this simple approach: 1) Create training as a solution to a problem your market has, 2) Collect at least names and email addresses in return for your free training, 3) Provide your free training, and 4) Continue to follow up with your leads every few days with more valuable content.  More solutions to their problems.  More detail about your training.

Create Training As A Solution To A Problem

The first thing you do to get free network marketing leads is to create training as a solution to a problem your target market is having.  For network marketers, some problems could be: How do I make a sale?, how do I get people interested in my business opportunity?,  what approaches can I take that won’t alienate people?  I am sure you can think of some more.

Write your training as a video, a PDF ebook, or an email course, or perhaps some other format.

Collect Names and Emails From Your Free Network Marketing Leads

At the bare minimum, collect first names and emails from those that want to view your training.  It would be best if it was through a auto responder, such as Aweber, so that you are keeping things legal.  Your free network marketing leads should be followed up with regularly.

Provide Your Training

Provide your training to your lead only once they have confirmed their email address.  But provide it automatically, say on the first email from your autoresponder.

Continue To Follow Up With Your Leads Every Few Days

You want your leads to get to know you and see that you have valuable information to provide to them, so follow up by email every few days with more little tidbits about yourself and more valuable content.  Your free network marketing leads will stick around for a long time if you do, and may become curious about your business opportunity.

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