What The Heck Is SEO?

what the heck is seo?Have you ever wondered: what the heck is SEO? Did you think it was just not relevant for you? Well I have news for you: Google wants to give you free traffic. Yes, free. Totally and unconditionally free. But Google wants to know a couple of things first: 1) Is your page relevant for the keyword being searched for? 2) Is your page perceived as important?

First: What The Heck Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is a way to tell the search engine what your page or site is about and how important your site is.  Google goes out and reads all the web pages in the world (to a point) and scrapes information from your web site’s code (i.e. HTML).  It will store your title and description, then read your page to determine what keywords it contains, or what it is about.  It comes back every so often and updates your page, so if you’re worried that you can’t improve your page for Google, think again.

How To Change Your Page For Google

Ok, so you have a page that gets no Google traffic.  How do you change your page to improve how it looks to Google?  Easy enough, you need to find a keyword to rank for.  These days most people recommend long tail keywords.  A long tail keyword is a longer search string that has some traffic but very little competition.  So you find your long tail keyword with Google Keyword Planner at https://adwords.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/ and you use it in your page.  You should use it in the following places:

  1. In your title
  2. In a heading
  3. Three or four times in the body of your page
  4. If you have an image, in the alt of the image

It is seriously important to make all of this look natural or you will be penalized.

What The Heck Is SEO Relating To Ranking?

Ranking is another way you get position on Google.  The more links you have to your page or website, the better… as long as the websites that link to you also have ranking.  A website that links to you that does not have a good ranking may actually bring down your ranking!

If you have several links from a “good” website, or you have one link on a page that’s linked to from several places, your ranking will improve.

So the object of the game is to get inbound links into your web site from well ranked web sites.

How Do You Get Inbound Links?

You can do one or more of the following activities to get inbound links:

  1. Ask somebody for a link to your website
  2. Create great content that gets linked to
  3. Participate on blogs that will link to your website
  4. Create online classified ads with links
  5. Participate on one or more forums

I would say exchange links but you really want people to link to you but not necessarily link back to them.

I am sure you can think of other ways to generate inbound links to your website.

Are There Other SEO Tactics To Be Used?

Sure and I am sure you can learn more about SEO on Google.  Just Google search seo tactics.

What The Heck Is SEO To You?

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