The Meaning Of Success

the meaning of success - in lexington kentuckySuccess, as defined by, is the achievement of wealth, position, honor, goals, or the like.  This actually sums up several definitions in one.  Many people think of success and being financially wealthy, or at least having the appearance of wealth.  But can a less fortunate person be successful?  Let’s dive further into the meaning of success.

Charitable Success

My daughter Chelsey has worked in charitable endeavors for a while. She worked at an orphanage in Tanzania, she spent time at a Young Lives camp in British Columbia, she’s been employed by Young Lives, and she even gives of herself to the homeless in Nashville.  By all accounts, she has had success being charitable.

Now she is just out of school so financial success is still fleeting, but her heart has actually been with helping others.

Successfully Moving From One Place To Another

Chris and I had wanted to move to Phoenix for a while.  Early last year we decided we would do it, and Chris set a goal for the fall of 2017 to move.  It appeared to be seriously challenging.  But we put down on paper the things we needed to accomplish in the short term and added to our list as new problems and issues came up.  Ultimately we made our move on schedule, although we lived with relatives a little longer than desired.

Running a Project To Completion Successfully

Project managers tend to have an end goal for their project, and break the project down into pieces that can be accomplished.  Pieces can be assigned to others and worked on, while the project manager makes sure everything is on time according to the schedule they created.  Ultimately the project finishes and we say that it finished successfully.  Sometimes even when the project is a bit late or over budget we say this.  So what is the meaning of success here?  That the project is over?

Wrecking Your Car Successfully

As a parent, you may have told a child that they broke their toy successfully.  Or perhaps you have told a teenager that they wrecked their car successfully.  It is just one of the parental things to say, as if the child intended to do what they did.  So the meaning of success here is doing the opposite of what was wanted.

Having Creative Success

If you are a creative person, perhaps you play music, write fiction, knit sweaters, or even make greeting cards. People can have success at being creative without corresponding financial success.

What is the Meaning of Success To You?

Let me know what you think the meaning of success is by commenting below.

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