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stream of consciousness writing - Dr PepperThis blog post is all stream of consciousness writing.  The house is quiet.  Everyone gets to play except for me because I have to write a blog post.  Luckily I am finishing up with a client today so I am only monitoring them, checking my email every once in a while. You would think that writing a new blog post with all the time in the world would be easy.  But no.

So I am just doing my stream of consciousness writing hoping that a subject will come out.  I know I have been working hard on my experiments this week.  I completed some PDF training that I had been working on.  It is for sale, we will see if sales occur.

New Capture Page

I created a capture page about a month ago, along with a 12 unit email course, to come up with a new strategy.  Ultimately I have no idea where this strategy will go but it looks promising right now.  So I have been writing, just not for the blog.  And I have to tell you, I am a little burned out and ready for a break.  But I have no post for next week, so writing.

Metabolife Days

I remember back to our Metabolife days that I rarely wrote.  However, I did write the website in 1997 that sold the product and recruited other distributors, mainly using copy from existing brochures.  I had to pour over my copy, though, to find spelling errors mainly.  I tested, read, and made sure daily that the website was readable and in good working order.  So I did not write much, but I error checked a lot.

New Network Marketing Company

My wife Chris had recently joined yet another network marketing company.  It has to do with wine but that is all I will say.  We are working hard to make it our next Metabolife, but still belong to another network marketing company that we joined in 1991.

A Bit Scattered – Stream Of Consciousness Writing

I have knowledge in my brain but I am a bit scattered these days.  I put my heart and soul into nothing in particular, just busy all the time trying stuff.  My blog will continue, that’s all I know for sure.

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