How To Write A Blog Post

how to write a blog post - wine and captionsThis is how to write a blog post, according to me: First I start with stream of consciousness writing and see where that leads me, I ultimately make sure I have enough words, I edit my blog post several times, I come up with 2 or 3 links to other blog posts that have their own information, and then I try to find a picture that relates, usually a picture I have taken or one of my family after I get their permission.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

How do I describe what stream of consciousness writing is?  Well, I just write stuff.  Good or bad, right or wrong, I just put down my thoughts as I think them.  Often the best writing is done as you think of stuff, and if not you will edit later.  Write and write and write, if you think about flying a kite, write about flying a kite.  If the weather is good and you wish you were outside, write about it.  Get those flying thoughts down.

Make Sure To Have Enough Words

Before you are done, you need to have enough words.  Yoast says to have at least 300, but 300 smehundred.  I like at least 500 words.  But ultimately a blog post is not done until it is done, you just don’t want to have something that reads in 10 seconds.

I also use Yoast to track my long tail keyword, and the one for this blog post in case you missed it is How To Write A Blog Post.  You want to have a few uses but not too many, and not too close together.

Edit Several Times (How To Write A Blog Post – #3)

If you just missed it, I used my key phrase (long tail keyword) in a heading, which is a must at least once.  You will also use it in your alt for your picture.

What do we mean by edit?  Generally you are going to read through your blog post to make sure it makes sense.  When you find a spelling or grammar mistake, or you just don’t like the way you wrote something, correct it.  Go through your copy (i.e. blog post writing) several times until you cannot find anything wrong anymore.  Not to say that everything is ok, it’s just that you begin to overlook problems after a while.  You can come back again before you post your story publicly for one more pass.

Come Up With Two Or Three Other Blog Posts To Link To

Kinda like how to write a blog post by referencing other blog posts.  Yes, you put links to other blog posts at the end of yours that reference stories with similar themes that perhaps have a different perspective.  What this does is create a track back (possibly), which is a link back to your blog.  It also makes your post more interesting by including other writing to look at.

Find A Picture That Relates

How in the world am I going to find a picture about writing a blog post?  I might find somebody working at a computer, somebody giving a speech, perhaps a picture of my blog, or something else that creatively represents writing a blog post (say my wife and a friend drinking wine and holding captions?).  So the picture may not be how to write a blog post, by perhaps is a funny picture that conveys the meaning of how to write a blog post.

Whew.  Done.  Tired.  Stream of consciousness writing can be exhausting.

Make sure to let me know I we missed anything by commenting below.

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