How To Avoid The Spin

avoid the spin - que sera, seraSometimes online marketing is like gambling.  No matter what you do you cannot get ahead.  Get some activity and you are looking for more.  Not getting enough activity makes you fearful.  This is similar to winning and losing at gambling.  Win and you want to go back and gamble your winnings.  Lose and you think you are due a win. Either way you go back and try again.  This is a spin.  Doing the same thing over and over, when it really makes no sense.  How do we avoid the spin?

Good question… but there is hope.  Consider what you do that is productive and what you do that is not productive.  Going into Google Analytics 6 times a day is not productive.  Posting your link on a new website is.  Looking for a new lead every 10 minutes is not productive.  Writing a new blog post is.  Do you see the difference?

Avoid The Spin By Making A List

Make a list of productive things you need to get done today and work them off your list.  Post a few links.  Write a new blog post.  Improve your website.  Do things that move you forward.  Concentrate on the list to avoid the spin.

Spin Still Got You?  Take A Break

Get away from the computer for a while and do productive things around the house.  Take a walk in the fresh air. Think about things.  Anything but those spin activities on the computer.

How About A Night Off To Avoid The Spin

Sometimes you just need time off to avoid the spin.  Are you working 80+ hours a week.  Time to take a look around to see what is really important.  Catch up on old episodes of The Flash.  Have a glass of wine.  Visit with old friends.

What Do You Do To Avoid The Spin?

Let us know if you spin sometimes, and what actions you take to avoid the spin in the comments below.

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