The Advertising Onion – An Explanation

advertising onion - cubs and state farmThe advertising onion is something I just made up.  But it can be so true.  Advertising is like an onion.  Either you only make use of the surface, or you make use of additional layers.

For instance, Goodyear can advertise the features and benefits of their tire, or they can advertise how their tire works on the newest Corvette.  Perhaps they can talk Chevrolet into co-paying the advertisement so that each pays for half.  So Goodyear just spent half the amount on the ad to get the full benefit, perhaps even more than they would normally get.

In the above example, Goodyear also gets more benefit from the advertisement because they show it working on the new Corvette. It shows the product demonstrated in an exciting way rather than just showing a tire and describing its benefits.

What if we sold additional advertisements within the example above?  Perhaps the driver takes a sip from a slushy before heading out to the track.  Perhaps there are advertisements on the wall.  Maybe the pit crew have logos on their uniforms.  There are all kinds of ways to include additional advertisements.

Movies and The Advertising Onion

Movies often do product placements as a way to finance their production.  In fact I just saw an IHOP logo in the newest Jack Reacher movie.

Online Advertising and The Advertising Onion

What is even better than product placements and such is to have the ad pay for itself over and over.  For instance, you advertise a website then you collect emails and telephone numbers so you can keep your customer updated. But then you also include advertisements to other products within your emails.

Summary of The Advertising Onion

Paid advertising of any kind is expensive, so those who use the advertising onion the best get the most benefit from the least dollars spent.

How Do You Use the Advertising Onion?

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