You Already Have Abundance

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You have a goal for the way things should be in your life.  Perhaps financial.  Unless you believe you already have financial abundance, you will never have it.  Because the truth of the matter is, you are already being taken care of very well.  How do I know? Somehow you have internet access so that you can read this.

Our problem often is, we want things we think are beyond our reach. Things that money can buy, more money than we have available today.  So how do we get the money or things we want? The first step in the process is being grateful for what we already have.

Be Grateful For Your Current Abundance

Take a look around you.  Are you able to eat, shelter, and clothe yourself?  Be grateful for all that you have!  Detail the things you have that you are grateful for and put them onto paper.  Thank God for all you have.  Feel the joy of knowing you have plenty of abundance right now.  Of course you want more, we all do, but how are you ever going to be satisfied with things if you cannot be happy with what you have now?

I know that perhaps you are having it rough.  Maybe you just lost your job.  Perhaps your car was repossessed. Maybe you just lost a loved one.  To get back to abundance, you need to find those things in your life that you are grateful for.  Push out the negative emotions by filling yourself up with positive ones.

Add What You Want To Your Current Abundance

First you must figure out what it is that you really want.  Do you want to travel?  Would you like a new car?  How about a new house?  Detail exactly what you want and experience them now.  Visualize your goal met.  How does that feel?  Many people have a bulletin board where they post pictures of their goals so they can look at them every day.

Once you are able to detail what you want and visualize it or them, then be grateful for having these items in your life.  Feel the feelings that go along with being grateful for them.

What Do You Want If You Can Have Anything You Want?

This is something I have thought a lot about in the past few days.  If I could have anything I want within a few days of wanting it, at any time, what do I really want?  Take a good look around you.  Perhaps your experience is different than mine.  My major desire is to be able to retire someday.  But I really seem to have plenty otherwise.  Why would I think my life 20 years from now would be any different?

Ok, sure, we have only one car right now.  We could use a second.  But we do not need a second car right now, we are doing just fine.  We could use more cash in the bank, but why?  We always seem to get by no matter what.

I am not saying that wants and desires are bad things.  It is great to dream.  I guess I have just gotten to a point in my life where I feel that things have a cost.  And a great car eventually needs to be replaced.  A great house needs maintenance.  I am happy not to be burdened by too much.  Plus I really am having a hard time deciding what I really want.

Do You Have Abundance In Your Life?

Let us know how grateful you are for your abundance by commenting below.

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