Why Recruit Other Network Marketers?

recruit other network marketers - make friendsYou are a network marketer and you want to recruit other network marketers into your network marketing business.  It seems counter intuitive to market your offer to other network marketers, and that would be the wrong thing to do.  Think about it: If somebody comes to you trying to recruit you into their network marketing program because you are in network marketing, that would be repulsive.  But there is nothing wrong with making friends of other network marketers, and even helping them with their own program.

This can seem like a waste of time.  After all, shouldn’t you be going after somebody unconnected so that they can join your program? Here are some very good reasons why network marketers are your best target market.

No Need To Train Them On What Network Marketing Is

Network marketers already know about network marketing, what it is, why they want to do it, and perhaps even effective ways to do it.  They are great people to put into your organization because they will need little hand holding.

Things Change All The Time

Network marketing companies change their plans, they convert to retail, and sometimes they even go out of business.  This is when the existing network marketer will be looking to change.  And who will they be interested in? The guy who has been helpful for them in the past year, that’s who!

They Will Approach You When They Are Ready

No need to actively recruit network marketers, just be ultra helpful.  The existing network marketer will let you know when they are ready to make a change.  Often a minor close is all that is required.

The Process To Recruit Other Network Marketers Takes Patience

You must have a major amount of patience to recruit other network marketers, as you will notice your pipeline is very long.  Your main goal will be to contact as many existing network marketers as possible with help.  Help in the form of training, a tool such as a flyer, or online help such as SplashPlan.com (check it out).  Help, help, and more help.  Coaching.  Mentoring.  Whatever they need.  Eventually this will pay dividends.

Not all existing network marketers will jump ship but some will.

Do Your Recruit Other Network Marketers?

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