Forgiveness And Healing

forgiveness and healingI am not a doctor.  Nor am I a priest or a minister.  But I do know that people sometimes have a hard time forgiving themselves.  That is really the first person you must forgive.  If you cannot forgive yourself, take your case to God and ask for His forgiveness.  Ultimately you must get beyond the pain you are inflicting on yourself by forgiving yourself.  Without personal forgiveness and healing it is hard to achieve success.

Forgive Others Privately

The next person or persons you must forgive is anybody who has done harm to you.  This does not mean that you tell the person you forgive them unless they are asking for it, you just need to forgive them privately, to yourself, and let it go if possible.  Similarly to not forgiving yourself, not forgiving others does you more harm than you imagine.  Go through the process of forgiving others.  If God can forgive, why can’t you?

Request Forgiveness and Healing

Often people we wrong forgive us or forget long before we ask for forgiveness.  But if you feel you need to get forgiveness from others, feel free.  Perhaps it will be an inspiration in that person’s life that you asked.  Perhaps it will do you more good to be forgiven by that person than just forgiving yourself.  You should decide for yourself if you want and need forgiveness in this way.

Why Go Through This Process?

Holding grudges and beating yourself up about something is like a boulder in your way of success.  Without moving the boulder, you cannot move on to greater heights.  Forgiveness and healing is your only way through.

I went through the process a while ago to identify issues in my past that I needed to deal with and dealt with it by telling some people I was sorry.  Forgiving others is a bit harder and while I do forgive, it is very hard to forget.  Luckily as time goes by these issues do fade.

Have You Gone Through Forgiveness and Healing?

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