How To Calm Your Mind

how to calm your mind - with beer i guessMy mind is busy today with all kinds of things so I thought I would write.  By write, I mean something a little more interesting than some of the dribble I have been publishing lately.  So today, grasshopper, I am going to teach you how to calm your mind.

As always, I like to write about things I have problems with myself.  Quieting my mind so I can focus is one of them.  But I know some things that work for me and perhaps they will work for you too.

Stop and Stare

Often busy work gets overwhelming, especially if it is not productive busy work.  Reading email, checking out social media, surfing the web, or interrupting myself with a random thought that leads to more busy work.  The best thing to do when you need to regain your focus is to stop and do nothing.  I usually stare at my computer until I can regain my composure.

5 Minutes of Crap

If you still need to do unproductive stuff, allow yourself 5 minutes of crap time.  Set a stopwatch or an alarm on your iPhone if you need to.  Just do what you are going to do for the next 5 minutes then resume trying to be productive.  You can go back to the stop and stare after that if you need to.

Something Physical

Often, how to calm your mind involves something physical.  Give yourself 15 minutes or a half an hour and walk.  You probably need it anyway.  I find that even 5 or 10 minutes of indoor walking will burn out busy mind syndrome.


Perhaps this is the one I should have led with, but meditation is a great way to calm your mind if all else fails.  Sit still, close your eyes, and practice emptying your mind.  Do this for a few minutes until you are back to focusing on your task at hand.

How to Calm Your Mind – Feedback

How do you calm your mind?  Do you use my suggestions above or do you do something completely different?

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