Website Statistics: Improve Your Traffic In 30 Days

website statistics - analyticsWould you like to improve your website statistics in the next 30 days?  I bet you would, so would I.  So let us explore this together.

I spent the last 30 days looking at my blog, trying to figure out why my traffic is so low and what I can do about it.  Many suggestions I could make are already covered out there so first let me cover the unusual:

My URL was redirected

In the past year we had moved, and there were a lot of activities which led up to the move and a lot of activities after the move.  I completely ignored my web properties and when I finally looked back at my blog, the name (URL) had been redirected.  So my blog was gone from the web and Google had picked up pages from the website it was redirected to.

Google then indexed https: pages

After putting my blog back online, Google partially indexed my pages correctly, and partially indexed them based on https: pages.  These pages are normally on secured sites, such as the site the name was redirected to, and Google had no problem indexing pages like  Problem is, when somebody clicks on the link, a security warning pops up because I do not have a security certificate for my site.  Nobody goes on from this warning, so traffic lost.

To fix this, I had to add a couple lines into the beginning of my .htaccess file for my blog:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [L,R=301]

This redirects a secure page to the home page of the blog, unsecured.  This has the effect of, over time, removing the secured pages from Google.

Sometimes you do have to evaluate your own situation before you move on with the standard suggestions so make sure you are not shooting yourself in the foot with something silly like the above.  Here are some other suggestions that are more normal:

Track your website statistics

Use the following Google tools to track your website statistics:

Track your statistics to make sure you are making progress, otherwise you are just guessing.  Both products have good information and instructions.

Watch out for republishing your blog posts

Some sites have no problem republishing your blog posts, but Google does not care for this much.  Avoid republishing on:

However, if you are energetic you can publish original articles on EzineArticles (ones you did not publish on your blog) and include information about yourself and your blog in the resource box.  Often these articles will be republished around the internet on other people’s blogs, which could increase your inbound links.

If you want to republish somewhere, try:

Medium claims that they will not hurt your original posting with Google and will increase your site stature in Google’s eyes.  You must use their process to republish, though, otherwise all bets are off.

Places for publishing your story links

When you post your blog stories to the following, they are only including a link and not the whole story:

Links will not hurt your blog post to Google, but will help.  Keep in mind that you must participate on the social networks to improve the link quality and possibly get traffic from the site.

Improving your website statistics with SEO

SEO is search engine optimization.  If you use WordPress as I do, some SEO is built right in.  However, individual story SEO can improve and recently I added Yoast to help me out.  Yoast is a plug in (search Yoast in your plugins area) and evaluates the quality of each blog post based on SEO and gives you suggestions.  If you post as little as I do, you need all the help you can get.

If your website is not a blog, or not a WordPress blog, your job is a big one and you need to learn as much as possible about SEO to attract Google traffic.  While Google might not be your biggest traffic generator in time, it is still important to the growth of your website.

Other reading on improving website statistics:

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