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Focus On - Waiting At SamsI am having one of those days.  One where I have tons of work to do but cannot seem to focus on it.  Why do we have such a problem getting the things done we know need to be done?  How can we avoid being scattered to the wind and regain our focus?  This article will explore focus and give suggestions on regaining focus for what you need to focus on.

Need To Change Your Prescription?

Sometimes when we think focus we think about our eyes.  How when our eyeglasses or contacts start to age how we can see things fuzzy.  Then it is time to visit the eye doctor to update our eye glass prescription so that things appear to be in focus.

Similarly, our mind can blur and think about a hundred things at once.  We can try to start on one think only to be distracted by another, often finishing neither.  Somehow we need to find a way to tackle a task, preferably our most important one, before we move on to the next.

Focus On Your List

When you find yourself scattered, make a list of the things you need to work on.  Then prioritize your list.  Working from a list usually helps me regain my focus, although distractions can still pop up all day long.

For making a list, I often have a long-term list and a short-term list.  The long-term list will usually be major things that need to be accomplished for the whole project.  The short-term list will be the goals to be accomplished on a given day.  Sometimes the daily list will not get completed and I just move the unfinished items to the next day.

Eliminate Distractions

Phone rings, do not answer it!  Easy enough.  A ringing phone is not a welcome distraction.  Neither is email or social media.  The internet news can be read later.  Do all you can to ignore or eliminate any distractions you can.  Have a room to work in and ask your family to leave you alone for a while.

A Little Walk

Sometimes when I am having a hard time with stray thoughts, I take a little walk around the house.  Get away from the computer.  Find a way to focus on the important tasks again.

Usually my walks last less than 15 minutes and I have a step counter, so the walk helps me to push up my steps for the day.  Once I burn off my nervous energy, I am able to focus on my task list again.

How do you once again focus on focus?

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