Eternal Life – The Search For The Unknowable

eternal life - the unknowableWhen we talk about God, or Jesus, or eternal life, we are venturing from facts and figures into faith.  Faith is not a bad thing, just saying that Google will not tell you if heaven is real or how long God has been alive.  It will tell you about people’s beliefs on such subjects, but cannot possibly tell you if these beliefs are facts.

A new health area has cropped up in recent years that is searching for ways to keep people alive longer, much longer than ever thought possible, and healthy for that matter.  Is this humanity’s answer to eternal life?  Of course, you cannot prevent accidents but you can theoretically prevent disease and postpone aging.

What Kind Of Eternal Life Are You Searching For?

So this begs the question: Are you looking for ways to extend your human lifetime, or are you looking for a spiritual eternal life?  And what could I possibly have to write about either?  Yes, true, I know what I believe about spiritual eternal life, but I cannot really tell you that what I believe is fact.  What I believe is faith.  So could that possibly even matter to somebody searching for answers?  Unfortunately I do not think you will find anything better.

As far as extending your human lifetime, I have to ask, what is your motivation for wanting to live to 100, 150, or 200? What are the ethical implications of extending human lifetime by double or triple?

Google Does Not Know It All

While it might be blasphemy to some, Google does not know everything.  In fact, Google is prepared to serve you up answers that are untrue.  There is so much information, good and bad, on the internet that the line between the two is confusing.  Even good sources, such as CNN or Fox News, serve us up biased reporting all the time.  The best you can do is seek out the facts and create your own opinions.  In this day of fake news, even facts can be unknowable.

What Does Eternal Life Have To Do With Business?

When we talk about mind, soul, and body, often we are talking about facts and knowledge, beliefs, and back to facts I guess.  Although health facts are often in dispute.  Human eternal life, or at least extended life, could be big business some day.  But is it ethical to extend healthy human life?  That is really something to debate.

In business we use facts to help us make decisions, but often we have to mold our decision based on ethics.  Do people really want to jeopardize their spiritual well being by pursuing business goals outside of their ethical framework?  Truly something to consider.

How about you?  What price are you willing to pay for eternal life?

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