Help Others Expecting Nothing In Return – Lesson

help others - splashplan.comI thought it was about time to write a little about, which is our system to help network marketers.  How does it help?  Well, it is free to sign up.  You get free leads by promoting your site.  You get free training.  And you can earn a little affiliate money while you are building your network marketing business.  In this lesson I will explain why it is so important to help others and expect nothing in return.

People That Join Belong To Other Network Marketing Companies

When you sign up and start promoting your link, something like, you will get leads that are people that belong to other network marketing companies.  Your job is not to recruit them to your program, your job is to help them be as successful as possible with their program on  While this may seem counter productive, you want to be seen by others as being helpful and unselfish, so you help others without expecting anything in return.

How Does It Help You To Help Others?

If you only help others be successful in their program, how does this build your network marketing business?  With, you are promoting yourself.  You want to be seen as helpful and knowledgeable, so that if that lead ever wants to change network marketing companies, they think of you first.  So when you help others, you help yourself in the long run.

Not All Leads Join Your Program – But Do They Ever?

What percentage of cold leads join your program after your presentation?  Here, puts you in touch with other network marketers, most of whom are part of other programs.  Ultimately you sponsor a small percentage into your program, those that decide to make a change and decide to join you because of who you are to them.

Leads That Don’t Join Create Current Income

While not all leads join your program, most go on to promote their site, and promote the affiliate links within the member’s area.  If you join the affiliate programs and update the links, those you sponsor and even those they sponsor may be promoting your links, leading to current income as you seek to build your business.  Current income can give you leverage to promote your site more widely, leading to more leads and more current income.

Even if you do not join, keep in mind that the way to really build a network marketing business is to help others without expecting anything in return.

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