Could Global Climate Change Actually Be A Hoax?

Global Climate Change - The SunWe now live in a world of facts and alternative facts.  Just to make it clear, facts are true and non-facts are not true.  True and false.  Black and white.  Could facts turn out to be non-facts?  Sure, it is possible, but scientific truths, i.e. facts, are usually measured, tallied, counted, concrete, and iron.  They are the things we know, for a fact, are true.  Things like global climate change.

A hypothesis, on the other hand, is a strong theory based on the facts that is likely.  There may or may not be a way to prove it absolutely true, but the facts point to it being true.  A scientific hypothesis is often backed up by other scientists, published in a journal, argued, debated, and open for discussion.

Why would I write about global climate change, being a business writer?  Because as business people, we often have to make tough decisions based on the facts.  If there can be two sets of facts, well then, how do you make good decisions?

I had a theory about why many people dispute global climate change.  It goes back to the Law of Attraction.  How people bring things into their lives through their thoughts, and how through collective thoughts, we shape our world.  Perhaps people believe that if enough people think that climate change is a hoax, perhaps climate change will not be real anymore.  Interesting twist on reality, but here is why it is wrong:

The Earth Is Flat

There was a time when most people believed that the earth was flat, that if you sailed far enough, you would fall off the edge.  Turns out this idea was false and having most people think it was true did not make it so.

The Universe Revolves Around The Earth

Again, once people started to believe that the earth was round (or specifically a sphere), they then believed that the universe revolved around the earth.  Turns out again, just because most people believed it to be true did not make it so.

Forces of nature tend to do their own thing regardless of people’s thoughts.

So back to reality as we know it.  I believe that forces of nature will not bend to collective thought.  Maybe there is hope that God will come back and make everything right?  Maybe He will, but until then it is up to the thinking beings He has created to deal with the messes they made.

Back to Global Climate Change

Now back to the title of this article: Could Global Climate Change Actually Be A Hoax?  So what is a hoax?  A hoax is a deception, usually intentional, to spread false information.  We have been talking about fake news lately and while you could put all kinds of definitions into what fake news is, the worst is the kind that spreads false facts.  Facts that are not facts at all, but falsehoods, untruth.  Some news may put together their facts into a false conclusion, but the facts are still there.  Some news (perhaps all news) is biased, but it still bases itself on the facts.

The idea of Global Climate Change is based on scientific fact, collected by scientists all over the world, argued out in journals, almost universally agreed upon.  There is no doubt in the scientific community that the data collected shows average global temperatures increasing.  It is fact, it is not a hoax.  It is the best information we can possibly get, and we need to make decisions based on this information, not some alternate set of “facts”.

Strong Theories Rather Than Facts

Now the idea that humans are the reason for Global Climate Change is another issue altogether.  It is a strong theory that human activity is the cause for more than half of the global warming observed.  This is a scientific theory that is agreed upon by most of the world’s scientists, after discussing, arguing, debating, publishing in journals, and so forth.  It is an exceptionally strong theory, the best you can possibly get.

So what do we do about it?  Can we do anything about it?  That is the issue now facing the world.  With all of these facts and truths, what will be done now?  Political will seems to be the biggest hurdle, especially with the new American President.  The President who believes in alternative facts and that our collective thought will solve problems like Global Climate Change.

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