Get What You Want By Altering Your Thoughts

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It is an interesting twist on reality.  Some believe that you create your world with the things you think and believe.  That you can bring wealth by believing you are a wealthy person.  That you can get your dream house by believing you already possess it.  I am here to tell you that it is true.  But how is that possible?

Some would say that the universe bends to your thoughts.  I am a little more pragmatic than that.  I believe magic exists in reality.  Not that magic is real, but sometimes reality can look magical, and sometimes it can be interpreted as magic.  Or perhaps as the universe giving you what you really want.

I do not see this as religion.  I just believe that your thought life can have a real impact on your real life.  That the things you think show up on your face.  That the way you deal with problems is impacted by the negative outcomes you think about.  Having a positive attitude in your thoughts shows outwardly to other people, and makes you more attractive.  People help people they like more than people they do not.  It could just be little things like making an introduction, or it could be bigger things like offering you your dream job.

We have established that thoughts can affect your world, or your outcomes, so how do you purposefully put this idea into action?  Here are a few steps you can take:

Figure out what you really want

If you do not know what you want, how do you know when you get it?  Decide what you want and put it on paper.  I expect this will be several things, like your dream home (be specific), a newer car, home furniture, cash (what balance would you like?), a successful business, etc.

Keep your list positive

If your list includes “pay off debt”, debt is what you will get.  Perhaps “large bank balance” would be a better idea, you could choose to pay off your debt with the cash in your bank.

Make sure you are specific enough

Read your list and make sure that you have been specific enough with each.  If you want a new car, what make and model?  What year?  What color?  What options?  Create as much detail as possible for each item on your list.

Create a dream board to post pictures of what you want

Put a bulletin board on your wall where you can see it every day.  For each item on your list, post a picture on your dream board.  Make sure to look at it daily.

Envision already having the items on your list

Meditate a little every day on the items on your list.  Can you see them?  Feel them?  Enjoy them?

Thank God or the universe for the items on your list daily

Part of “already having” your list is being thankful for them.  Be thankful for the blessing!

Expect that you will receive the items on your list

Be in positive expectation mode always.  You will receive the items on your list!  There is nothing you need to do to receive them.

I have a final thought for you.  What if this works?  If this works consistently, would money be necessary?  For example, money is a means to buy things or pay the bills, so if you can skip the money step, why not?  Think about it.

Have you ever used this idea?

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