Declare Your Independence Day

July 4, 2015 in Gilbert, AZ

July 4, 2015 in Gilbert, AZ

Happy 4th of July to those of you who live in the United States.  Back 240 years our country declared its independence from England and set off on its own course, and the rest is history.  How about you?  Have you thought of declaring your own independence from your job?  Becoming your own boss and generating your own income rather than depend on a company you have no control over?  In this post I am going to tell you exactly how to be an entrepreneur so that you can work towards being an independent business person.

1. Find a product or service to sell

A business starts with a product or service that is in demand by customers.  Keep your eyes open for needs that people are having a hard time filling, this is a good clue.  Tune your mind to look for good opportunities.

2. Define your market

Who is your target customer?  Be very specific.  Is it the parents with kids living in the suburbs or the wealthy urban couples with no kids?  Consider many different factors and see what you can come up with.

3. Develop a strategy to reach your target market

Figure out how to advertise to your target market and how to ultimately sell them on your product or service.  What is important to them?  What features and benefits are they looking for?  Do they need service after the sale?

4. Create business processes to support your customers

Rather than just winging it, have written procedures for every function of your business.  How should customer service handle a call?  What should sales do when encountering resistance?  How should collections deal with slow paying customers?  Having written, fluid procedures will make things much easier.

5. Continuously improve your business

A good business never stops improving.  It looks for new products.  Looks to expand its market.  Seeks to make its customers happier.  Keep looking for ways to improve and make your business an outstanding enterprise over time.

So what do you think, is it time to declare your independence?

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