How To Keep Up While On The Road

Glendale CALast week I drove out to see my son in Glendale, California. We were giving him our old Acura with 180,000 miles on it as he has been driving a 1991 Toyota Corolla. The Acura should be a more reliable car, and it is definitely cooler, so he was really excited to be getting it. I made sure my client was ok with my working remotely for the week, as I planned to drive the car out one weekend, stay for the week, attend my cousin’s wedding in Arizona, and fly home the following weekend. A very busy schedule, and one where I really needed to keep up with my workload and business activities.

I think the only difficult think I could imagine was: What if I got something in the mail that needed to be handled urgently? Well, Chris was still home and getting the mail, and she would let me know if anything came in the had to be dealt with. Otherwise, we use Quickbooks Online for our accounting, Intuit for payroll, and most of the client work can be done with Remote Desktop through a VPN. I use my Apple Macbook Pro to run everything, including a copy of Vista, so no problems there.

Technologically I am good for working remotely, but there is always the problem of finding enough time and keeping myself organized. Lucky for me, my son had to work Monday and Tuesday, so I had a lot of time to work solo and put in a few hours. I did have to do a couple things for the car so I just took the Apple and had my AT&T Aircard, and off I went. Tuesday I even spent a couple hours at Starbucks. Wednesday I got my butt out of bed early and worked while my son was still sleeping, then we went to the DMV and transferred over the title.  We spent the rest of the day doing different interesting things, so I just dragged the computer along looking for opportunities to insert a little time. The rest of the week was more of the same.

In working remotely, you really must have very specific things to work on. I tend to spend time daily writing down what I want to accomplish that day, week, month, whatever time span I need at the moment. It can be difficult to work if you don’t have specific goals to accomplish, especially remotely, so you must take the time to figure it out. Of course, my mind was more focused on what I wanted to get done in California and Arizona, and not so much for the client, so it is even more important to keep it together.

All in all, I worked less than I really wanted to, but enough to make it a reasonably productive week. I was happy to spend time with my son and get the car things done, so all in all a successful week. Have you ever tried working remotely from a long distance?

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