Welcome to The New SplashPlan Blog

I decided to move myself off of WordPress because of its limitations… nothing against WordPress… but it is so easy to have my own hosted WordPress site that I went ahead and set one up. You can get WordPress hosting with Godaddy, and it is fairly inexpensive.

For us, we already host WordPress blogs so we just added one into our hosting, pointed splashplan.net to it, and voila! A new SplashPlan blog.

One problem that we had was that SplashPlan.com is a dedicated IP address with a funky .htaccess, so to set up a new subdirectory for WordPress can mean problems. You must first set up the subdirectory, then an .htaccess file within it, before installing WordPress. Your new .htaccess file will basically do nothing. Godaddy then has a WordPress installation tool that sets up everything, very easy. I will write up instructions for doing this in the future.

In the mean time, welcome!

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