So Many Fixes, But So Little Time

I have been testing and retesting the last few days.  I’m finding out that I am not as perfect as I would like to be.  Yes, I have added some improvements to existing features but mainly I am avoiding it.  Why?  Simply because I’m worried about messing the site up and making it unusable.

I do have a separate test site that I use for changing and testing the site before I roll it out to the main site, but most of the changes, i.e. improvements, I have made have been minor.  The bugs I’ve found have also been minor but critical to the operation of the site…

An example: I used an external picture on the home page… actually a banner ad… and it was from a site that did not use SSL.  Hence a home page that is not quite secure.  Fixed now.

I removed a google ad on the interior of the site to make it look better, although the left side menu is a little low right now.  I’m going to leave that since it is not critical.

I did add a little to the forum page… it now has the most recently updated posts.  I really didn’t like having to click each link to see if anything changed so this will help me if nothing else.  Nobody has used the forum in a year so I seriously doubt anybody will notice right now.

Several of my resources needed to be updated or removed so that is done now.  I removed but did not add any resources at this moment.

So hopefully the site is more usable than ever.  Once I have a little more traffic I am hoping to get suggestions from members on new features or improvements to existing features.  Until then, I am hoping to be done for a while.  Please let me know if you’d like anything added to the site.

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