What My MBA Was Good For

1935861_106167854139_4614695_n-300x225Yes, I have my MBA.  I was awarded my Masters in Business Administration, Technology Management in 2009 from the University of Phoenix.  Yes, we have a big football stadium and are undefeated.

My MBA proves once and for all that I actually can get straight A’s.  I had 13 classes for my MBA, tested out of 2 others, and got all A’s for my MBA.  I proved that I could get my bachelors (2005) followed by my MBA… so that my children know that if their nutty dad can do it, they obviously can too.

My MBA game me a foundation for project management.  My MBA taught me the legal ins and outs of various business issues.  My MBA taught me about business ethics… which, by the way, can vary from culture to culture.  My MBA taught me how to research and apply critical thinking.

None of which moves me forward in my career all by itself.  It still takes applied experience before it is really useful.  A little luck, a little creativity.

However, my consulting business would not be where it is without my MBA.  My MBA also taught me to take on challenges, and I have.  Some people are afraid to take on something beyond themselves, beyond their current knowledge, but I have learned to always expand on my knowledge base.  Take on just a little more than I am comfortable with.

What has your MBA taught you?

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