Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes In Business

10899233_488467124626488_1514679904_n-300x300Mistakes can be expensive.  Mistakes can also be foolish.  Mistakes can create friction with customers, suppliers, employees, yes.  But the thing is, as perfect as you are, you will make mistakes.

If you are so petrified that you will make a mistake, you will do nothing, which is the most expensive choice of all.  A thoughtful choice made that turns out to be a mistake is better than a choice not made.

It is very important that you make ethical and legal choices, but if you make an honest mistake, you can expect to be able to work your way through any problems created.  However, if you make a bad choice knowing it is a bad choice, you can expect consequences.

The body of knowledge needed for business is so vast, not everybody can know everything.  Ultimately that is why you work with teams as your business grows so that your accountant, attorney, technical specialists, and analysts can help you with advice to avoid as many mistakes as possible.  But still, mistakes will happen.

Don’t be afraid.  Go forth and make good choices and you will be okay.

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