What To Do If Network Marketing Sucks

Jeff Satterlee 2013

Jeff Satterlee who only sucks from a straw

Here is my question: You join a network marketing company and you are excited about the opportunity to be financially independent.  But you go out and approach people and they are nothing but negative.  Potential customers, potential associates, all negative.  Here are some things to keep in mind so you do not give up too soon and how to give up if you must:

1. People will be negative

When you are just establishing yourself into this kind of business, anybody you talk to is likely to be negative.  They do not want to hear another get rich quick scheme from somebody new to the business.  This is part of getting started.  That is not to say that you cannot learn a few things to put the negative behind you (although not completely).  For the most part, if you keep things light and stay positive, you will be okay in the long run.

2. Success is not easy

If success came on a silver platter, everyone would be successful.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  You must fail to succeed.  You get 100 nos before your first yes.  All sayings that pertain to sales and recruiting.

3. Learn features and benefits, know how to answer objections

Regardless of whether you are selling the product or the business opportunity, it is important to know the features and benefits of what you are offering, and be able to answer common objections.  There is also a time to turn and walk away.  A good salesman/recruiter will know how to stick with the prospect longer without creating hard feelings.

4. Find easy ways to do business

Sometimes we try different things until we find something that works.  Other times, we stick with our plan until we feel there is no hope for it.  It is important to evaluate how things are going every once in a while and decide when it is time for a change.  Perhaps there is an easy way to do business that nobody has invented or discovered yet.

5. Remember that you are in business to make a profit

Starting a business can lose you money.  Sometimes for a year or more.  You have to make good decisions about where your money for starting your business is coming from and when your business will show a profit.  Sometimes profit will come later than expected, sometimes you can make business decisions that make profit come faster.  You cannot lose money forever, though, nobody can afford that.  It is also better to start small and test ideas out before putting in bigger money.

You may not have money to start a business… but you have some time.  Make sure you can afford the time you will be putting into your business, make a time budget, and stick to it.

6. Talk with your sponsor or upline

The biggest mistake you can make is to be a lone wolf.  Your sponsor or upline manager/executive may not call, but that does not mean you cannot call them.  Successful distributors call their upline and ask what else they can try, why things are not working, or just chat.  That is why your upline gets paid, make use of them.

7. Use your products

Yes, you must use the products yourself in order to be successful.  Our upline says this.  Zig Ziglar says this.  I know from experience that you will miss opportunities if you are not intimately familiar with your products.

8. Be all in with your company

We call people “MLM junkies” who work on more than one opportunity at once.  Avoid being an MLM junky, be all in with one company.  Keep promoting your one company to whomever will listen.  Put real effort into being successful with one company.

9. Do not explode or implode, be smart

Be a good businessman and watch your income and expenses.  Do not fail because you spent too much.  Make sure you can somehow afford anything you are doing.

10. Life taking over?  Put business on hold

Yes, you can put your business on hold.  You are not quitting, you will come back to it.  It is okay.  Sometimes we can do this, other times we cannot, you will have to decide if putting your business on hold works for you.

11. Not working?  You can get your money back

Many network marketing companies have a money-back guarantee on products.  If you have a bit of inventory left, get your money back.  You may also be able to get the cost of your starter kit back.  Check with your network marketing company.

So what do you think?

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