Network Marketing: Is It Impossible To Sell The Dream?

Cars Land at Disneyland

Cars Land at Disneyland

Here’s the dream: You join and buy $100 in product, then sponsor 3 and they do the same. Eventually you have a network of distributors buying the product under you and you make big dollars. I do not believe this works without customer demand.  In other words, if I do not really want the product, I will not buy it. If the product is not worth buying, nobody buys… there is no reason to unless your downline volume is enough to make buying worth it, and it will not be. You must be willing to buy the product even if you will not make any money doing it, in order for this to work.

Say you join a company and do not know the product. You do not know if it is good or bad, you do not know if it is overpriced, you do not know if it is a good value. You may buy once but decide not to buy again because of whatever reason. Again, here is where strict networking lets you down… it does not even matter if you have a good product, nobody will use it unless they: #1 know for sure it is a good product and really want to buy it, or #2 they buy to get their downline commission, and just the minimum.

Instead, say that we offer the opportunity to sell the product to customers to make money. Not only have we increased our market of people who will be willing to do this (people willing to sell outnumber people willing to recruit), but we reinforce the idea that the product is worth buying by having the person sell to customers. Of course if no customer is willing to buy, even after a good presentation, this idea falls apart. But if the product really is worth buying, selling to customers may be difficult but doable. Then customers returning to buy more reinforce the idea that the product is worth buying, motivating the distributor to buy for themselves and find more customers.

Ok, but now you have a group of sales people who will not sponsor, right? You can always train good sales people to look out for prospects, who in turn will join to sell to others.

So like a good and legal distributor, we sponsor people looking to sell the product then train them to sponsor others when possible. Some may just want to buy and sponsor, no problem. Some may just want to sell and that is okay too. Although you seek sales people, you are always open to the ways others want to run their business. Listen, give advice, but ultimately they are independent from you and they will do their own thing.

Selling the dream can be a way into problems, such as legal problems if you are loudly selling the dream. Finding new sales people is a perfectly legitimate way to do business. See the difference?

You can make a lot of money selling the product by networking with other sales people, and how much you depend on retail sales is really up to you. Want to build a big business? It can be done by converting sales people into recruiting professionals.

Do you sell the dream and how does that work for you?

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