7 Reasons Why I Hold On To Network Marketing

Dierks Bentley, Chicago Soldier Field, August 31, 2014

Dierks Bentley, Chicago Soldier Field, August 31, 2014

Please note that this is the first original post I am writing for the Wealth Creation blog.  I had been using older posts from other blogs, that I wrote, to start this blog.  I have also been making improvements to the posts to keep this blog at a higher quality.  I will probably continue to do this.  But I had an idea for a new post and thought I would put up something original this time.

Just like Dierks Bentley says “I Hold On” in his song, so I hold on to network marketing.  It has not always been so easy.  Changes.  Slow growth.  Hard questions.  So why do I continue to hold on?

1. There really is big money to be made as a network marketer

Whether a fast growing company or an older reliable company, big money can be made over time by putting in continuous effort.  Perhaps sometimes you want to put in 1000%, other times you may not be putting in so much; but if you continue to put in some effort, your group will grow over time and you will find bigger success.

I found this to be true with a past success.  We were able to grow to a 5 digit income per month over three years.  It was hard work but it happened and I am proud of it.  Unfortunately the company is now out of business so we had to move on.

2. We love the products we sell

I personally love the products we sell and we have been selling these products for a long time.  22 years this year.  We had our other network marketing success during the time we were selling these products.  We never stopped selling them.  What we did not do until recently is build a network of sales people.

While our growth has been slow, we have not been enticed to move to another company because we do not believe any other company offers what ours does.  Good or bad, for better or worst, we are not moving.

3. We like our upline

We like our sponsor and our sponsor’s sponsor.  In fact, our sponsor’s sponsor is the largest distributor in the company.  We share information and it is really useful.  I do not think we always see eye to eye, but it is good to have different opinions.

4. We are pot committed

We have spent enough money on our business that we would have to start over by changing network marketing opportunities or business types.  We do have a consulting business that does something completely different, and we pay the majority of our bills with it.  Perhaps we might grow this business but the opportunity to do so just does not seem to be there at the moment.

While we have a lot of money invested in our network marketing business, we would make a change if we felt that there was no further opportunity with our current company.  Money is sunk and we cannot get it back, but we would move on.  We do not feel that way.

Pot committed refers to having too much money in the pot to fold, when you are playing poker.

5. We continue to build our group

Our business is growing not just from our direct sales, but also from the sales of our team.  We continue to build by adding team members and training them to sell a little and also find new team members.  Not everyone is successful but the successful ones stick around and give us continual growth.

6. We do not have to put in 1000% all the time

There are times when we are exhausted and give the business a break.  There are also times when we are putting in a ton of work.  Either way the business will grow.  So when we are worn out we take a break… just let the business grow itself.

7. We can handle change because of experience

When something changes within the business, say the rules of the company change, we take a step back to see what will happen.  Sometimes change is bad, temporarily.  But often change is really good.  We try not to let our emotions get the best of us and just see how it goes.

So why do you still hold on to your network marketing company?

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